Attorney Brian White knows standing up to large corporations such as Walmart requires determination and a commitment to getting clients the compensation they need. For over a decade, Brian White has helped those injured in slip and fall accidents at Walmart get justice and has earned a track record of success in getting fair settlements and verdicts on their behalf.

According to Walmart, there are 5,358 Walmart stores across the country. There are 593 in Texas alone, and the city of Houston reports there are at least 33 Walmart stores there. If a slip and fall injury at Walmart leaves you with injuries, Brian White is the attorney who will protect your rights.

Claims Management, Inc. (CMI)

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) lists CMI as the third-party administrator for Walmart’s insurance claims. If you slip and fall and injure yourself at Walmart, CMI will give you a call and start asking for information related to your claim. According to the BBB, CMI has a total of 55 reviews, 53 of which are negative. There are also 417 customer complaints about CMI. The company incorporated in 1993 in Arkansas.

It is important to remember when dealing with CMI that the company works for Walmart in handling its insurance claims, not for you. While the person you speak with soon after your accident will sound very sympathetic and imply CMI will take care of your bills, in fact, CMI is working to build a case to minimize any settlement payments.

You Do Not Have to Allow CMI to Record a Statement

Many clients report CMI will press repeatedly for a recorded statement from you. CMI may even imply that you must give the company a recorded statement. Once you file a lawsuit, CMI may take a deposition from you that will include having your attorney present to protect your rights. However, before you file a lawsuit, there is no law compelling you to give CMI or Walmart any recorded statement.

The CMI representative may imply that failing to provide this statement will delay your receipt of compensation. In fact, CMI may attempt to use the opportunity to distort your answers to deny payment of any compensation.

CMI and Your Medical Records

CMI may ask you to send in copies of your medical bills and medical records. The implication is they need the medical bills to send out compensation in payment. However, no CMI representative will ever say the words “we will pay your medical bills.” In multiple complaints on the BBB site, accident victims report that once CMI had all the information from them about their claim, they were no longer able to reach the CMI representative. The same company that was calling several times each week to demand the information suddenly will not return your phone calls.

CMI uses your medical records to attempt to dissect your case for any excuse to avoid paying a claim. Do not send CMI any copies of medical records or bills before first discussing the situation with your attorney.

Getting Compensation is Possible

In 2017, an Alabama jury awarded $7.5 million to a man who slipped and fell while shopping for watermelons at Walmart. A Colorado trucker won $10 million in compensation for a slip and fall injury arising from a grease spill on the loading dock.

Many clients report that CMI would not speak to them further about their case until they consulted an attorney. In even the most obvious cases of neglect, Walmart may try to avoid paying compensation for your injury before you have an attorney on your side.

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Walmart is a multi-billion-dollar company that has set up its insurance in such a way as to ensure it can minimize the compensation it must pay for injuries caused due to negligence in its 5,300 stores.

Brian White has the experience and understanding of the law to stand up to Walmart and help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers to schedule your free consultation with one of our Houston slip and fall lawyers today.

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