Attorney Brian White has been helping victims of slip and fall accidents in Houston get the compensation they deserve for more than a decade. He is fearless in standing up to big corporations like Target to get clients the help they need after an accident.

Target has 1,828 stores across the nation, and the city of Houston reports there are at least 15 Target stores in the city alone. If a slip and fall accident at Target leaves you with injuries, Brian White is the attorney who can help you get the justice you deserve.

Target Is Not on Your Side

Immediately after your accident, store personnel and the manager may treat you with special care, reassuring you they are truly concerned about your injury and want to help you get the care you need.

When a representative from Target’s insurance contacts you soon after, he or she will again make you feel cared for and that their number one concern is to take care of you. He or she will imply that the company will pay your medical bills – though no one will come out and say that – and all you need to do is provide some basic information and a statement, so the company can handle this quickly on your behalf.

Unfortunately, very little of that is true. Neither the Target employees nor their insurance representatives are on your side. In fact, their job is to protect Target by helping it pay as little as possible in compensation for accident victims.

Representatives will appear very sympathetic to your case, but it becomes apparent that no one promises to help you. Representatives will scrutinize any information you provide to see if they can use it to deny your claim or reduce compensation for your injuries.

You Don’t Have to Give a Recorded Statement

One thing the insurance representative will likely attempt to get from you is a recorded statement about your accident. This may even begin at the store after your accident, as the store personnel ask you to write down a statement about the accident.

No law requires you to give them any such statement. Once a lawsuit has begun, you may be required to give a deposition of events, but your attorney will be there with you to protect your rights and ensure the questions do not mislead you into saying something that could be used against you.

Protect Yourself After a Slip and Fall Injury

Immediately after your accident, notify a Target employee and ask him or her to call for medical personnel. If possible, take photos of the accident scene and try to get contact information from any witnesses. While waiting for medical treatment, try to say as little as possible to anyone.

In the moments right after an injury, you may not be thinking clearly or may say something the company could use against you later. If pressed, merely reply that you are hurt and don’t feel like talking much.

It is almost always a good idea to get an attorney involved to protect your rights. Target’s insurance company will fight to reduce or deny your compensation claim as much possible. A representative may imply you were partly at fault for the accident and cannot claim compensation.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Texas law provides for a modified comparative negligence rule, which means you are eligible to receive compensation for your injury even if you were partly to blame for the accident.

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