Maybe it’s the cheesy TV ads, or maybe it’s the portrayal of lawyers in popular media (we also hear that lawyer jokes aren’t the kindest). Whatever the reason, personal injury attorneys aren’t known for their squeaky-clean reputation. So what gives this particular branch of law a bad rap?

One Bad Apple Spoils the Bushel

You’ll find unscrupulous individuals working in any field, and the law is no exception. There are lawyers who will use their extensive knowledge to find loopholes in the law and take advantage of their clients. On the other end, you’ll find attorneys who skip due diligence and take shortcuts to make a buck speedily.

The news only reports on the bad lawyers who take their clients for a ride, so the public assumes that all lawyers must be this way. In reality, most of us are hard-working individuals, committed to securing the best outcomes for our clients. We’re only interested in helping others through rough patches, while ethically practicing the law.

The Ambulance Chaser

The media, and sometimes lawyers, are often guilty of sensationalizing the profession. Personal injury attorneys have the public perception of being ambulance chasers. In other words, there’s a stereotype that we wait in the wings of an emergency department, looking for some unsuspecting doctor to sue. The reality couldn’t be more different.

Personal injury attorneys are selective about the cases they take on. That’s why they often offer free case evaluations to their clients. In a case evaluation, a member of the team sits down with a prospective client to get an idea of the legal situation. If they believe the case has merit, they’ll try to achieve a fair settlement for the client. If they don’t think there’s been any legal wrongdoing, they won’t accept the case.

Unrealistic Guarantees

Lawyers with flashy advertisements on television are guilty of making sweeping guarantees for their clients. Unfortunately, the law doesn’t work this way. Promising specific outcomes or dollar amounts for claims is not only dishonest; it makes the entire legal profession look bad. When you’re looking for your own lawyer for a personal injury case, be wary of these larger firms that make unreasonable guarantees.

Guarantees are for furniture and cars, not legal outcomes. As lawyers, we work diligently and make every effort to secure you a favorable outcome, but we simply cannot guarantee you a specific dollar amount. If someone tries to tell you he or she can, run in the other direction.

Personal Injury Lawyers: The Reality

Personal injury attorneys seem to bear the brunt of the lawyer’s bad rap. We’re often the ones who are dismissed as sensationalists or sharks out to steal money from client’s pockets. The truth is the opposite of that. We don’t seek to take money out of hard-working American’s pockets; we’re in the business of putting it back in. We more commonly take on larger conglomerates like insurance companies, which use their knowledge of policies to cheat people who have loyally been paying premiums out of a fair settlement.

At Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers, our Houston personal injury lawyers use integrity and knowledge of the law to retrieve fair compensation for our clients. If you have a Houston personal injury claim and you believe you may be eligible for a settlement, please contact us. A member of our legal team can help you set up a free case evaluation, in which we can talk about the specifics of your situation and advise you on the next steps. If you have further questions or would like to set up an initial consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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