Even if you pride yourself on being calm under pressure, car accidents in Houston are stressful. You’re dealing with insurance companies, medical bills, and emotional trauma from the accident, itself. A lawyer can help make the claims process smoother, but only if you look to the right firm. When it comes to hiring a legal team to handle your accident case, be careful to avoid these four big mistakes:

Hiring Your Cousin Louie (or Aunt Pat)

Everyone knows a lawyer. Maybe your uncle practices financial law or your aunt is a criminal defense guru. While your friends and family may be valuable resources for taxing law or seeking advice if you’re charged with assault, they’re not exactly experts in accident law.

If you want a shot at getting what you deserve from a car accident claim, hire a law firm that specializes in personal injury. They’re extensively versed in the nuances of the laws that regulate car accidents in your state, which means they’re best equipped to handle the job. You wouldn’t hire a veterinarian to clean your teeth, so why would you look to a financial lawyer to handle your personal injury case?

Believing that Bigger Equals Better

The old adage doesn’t necessarily apply to legal matters. Huge, glitzy firms may look nice from the outside, but they’re not ideal for handling personal injury claims. After a car accident, you might be scared, injured, and emotional. A smaller firm understands that and has the means to give personalized attention to your case.

You’re not meeting with some automaton paid to toe the company line – you’re getting a personal injury expert who’s not afraid to be, well, personal. Large legal conglomerates have their place – working for corporations. When it comes to a car accident case, look to a smaller to mid-size firm.

Taking Guarantees at Face Value

“Satisfaction guaranteed” is a line for a mattress factory, not a law firm. If you’re hiring a lawyer who guarantees any specific outcome or settlement dollar amount, you’re about to make a mistake. No law firm can absolutely guarantee any specific outcome for your case.

When we meet with you for an initial consultation, we can only give you an idea of whether or not we’ll be successful in receiving a settlement based on the specifics of the law. Generally, we only take cases in which we believe we can get fair compensation for our clients. So, if you’re working with a lawyer who’s making promises that seem too good to be true, they probably are.

It’s true that most cases settle out of court; it’s less expensive and usually what’s best for each client. But each personal injury case is unique and some require a more aggressive hand. In these situations, you want a law firm that is not afraid to take your case to trial. However, you’ll also want to be sure you’re choosing someone who won’t jump to trial unnecessarily, just to collect larger fees.

When you’re choosing a law firm to represent you, do your research and trust your gut. Do its lawyers have a proven track record of success? Can they cite specific examples? Do they seem genuine and trustworthy? If the answer is repeatedly “yes,” you’re in good hands.

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