If you sustain an injury while working at a Target in Texas, your workers’ compensation claim process will be unique from many other employers. Target is a non-subscriber, meaning it does not subscribe to the statewide workers’ compensation program. Instead, it has chosen an option that’s only available in the state of Texas – creating its own workers’ comp program. For this reason, injured workers should take extra care when filing their claims.

If you’re currently working on filing a workers compensation claim for Target right now, contact a Houston workers compensation attorney for help.

About Target

Target Corporation is behind Walmart as the second-largest retailer in the United States. It operates 1,822 different locations and employs about 345,000 people. Target’s goal is to help customers make stylish selections at affordable prices, while Walmart’s is “always the lowest price.” Career opportunities at Target include store associate, salesperson, cashier, inventory management, and stocker.

Personal injury accidents while working at Target can involve slippery floors, unsafe ladders, repetitive motion injuries (such as carpal tunnel syndrome), strained or pulled muscles, items falling off shelves, unsafe parking lots, or violent coworkers/customers. No matter what type of accident causes a worker’s injuries, the employee has the right to file a workers’ comp claim. When Texas made entry into the state workers’ comp program optional, Target took the opportunity to branch out and create its own program.

Under the Target workers’ comp program, injured workers can still receive benefits to cover their injuries with no questions asked. It is not necessary to prove the employer or anyone else’s fault to qualify for compensation. The worker must instead report the accident to a supervisor and file a workers’ comp claim with Target’s insurance company within the deadlines. The worker will then receive monetary benefits to cover his or her accident-related damages. Target employees in Texas must follow different rules and may receive different benefit amounts.

What to Know About Target’s Unique Workers’ Comp Plan

If you need to file a workers’ comp claim through Target, the main tip to keep in mind is to be prompt. Most personalized workers’ compensation programs require that employees report the accident and known injuries to a supervisor immediately. Employees may have 24 hours after the accident to report to a supervisor, but they should do so right away. Then, employees have an average of two weeks (14 days) after the accident to seek medical care through an approved provider. Employees must then file workers’ compensation claims within 30 days or less to qualify for benefits.

The exact dates and deadlines will change according to Target’s specific policy. You should have access to the details of the workers’ compensation plan through an employee handbook or supervisor. Follow all the rules exactly when reporting and filing your claim.

Missing an important step or deadline could hurt your chances of qualifying for compensation. If you run into any issues, ask a supervisor for assistance. You can also seek help from a lawyer if Target’s workers’ compensation insurer tries to deny or delay your claim.

When to Call a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Injured Target employees may have the right to file workers’ compensation and personal injury claims if the accident had something to do with another person’s negligence. A Target slip and fall case, for example, may give the injured employee the right to file a personal injury claim against the employer for failing to maintain a safe workplace.

A personal injury claim could result in better compensation for the injured employee than workers’ comp alone. A Houston personal injury lawyer can help employees with legal processes.

A lawyer can also be of use if an insurance company engages in bad faith practices, such as denying your claim for no reason or delaying your payments without explanation. A bad faith insurance claim could help you receive financial compensation for your troubles. When in doubt, discuss your case with a Houston lawyer.

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