Many drivers believe that driving barefoot is against the law. But is it really?

The simple answer is no — driving barefoot doesn’t violate any laws. Even so, it may not be the safest option, as driving with bare feet could contribute to car accidents in certain cases.

The idea that driving barefoot is illegal is a much-discussed legal myth. It isn’t a crime to drive barefoot in Texas, or any state, for that matter. While driving without shoes isn’t against the law, some states frown upon the act, as it can create unnecessary danger behind the wheel.

While you can generally drive barefoot without fear of legal consequences, it’s still important to consider the laws in your area, as certain cities or municipalities may say otherwise. 

Is Driving Barefoot Dangerous?

There are many things drivers can do that might be considered dangerous or increase the chances of a vehicular collision. Depending on who you ask, driving barefoot is one of them.

While not necessarily illegal, it still doesn’t mean it’s the safest way to operate a vehicle. Exposed feet are vulnerable to cuts, scrapes, and pressure from small rocks or other debris on the floor of the vehicle. If you’re driving barefoot, all it takes is one wrong movement to injure yourself, taking your attention off the road or rendering you unable to operate your vehicle.

Consequently, it’s important to think about your footwear (or lack thereof) before getting behind the wheel to help keep yourself and others around you safe.

Does the Type of Shoe You’re Wearing While Driving Matter?

If driving with shoes is safer than driving barefoot, it’s also worth asking whether a certain type of footwear is better than another.

As a rule, closed, flat-soled shoes like boots, sneakers, or loafers work best for driving, as they give you some grip on the pedals and make it easier to control your car. By contrast, the following types of footwear could be cause for concern:

  • Flip-Flops: Driving with flip-flops can easily cause your foot to slip, and the shoe itself could get caught on either pedal
  • High Heels: Elevated heels can put your feet in an awkward position or become wedged between pedals
  • Platform Shoes: Platform shoes are risky, as the thick sole makes it harder to feel how much pressure you’re placing on the pedals
  • Laced Shoes: While shoes with laces are generally safe, you must ensure that your laces are properly tied to avoid getting tangled with them while driving

Surprisingly, it may actually be safer to drive barefoot than with any of the types of shoes mentioned above (at least in some circumstances). Bare feet can create some hazards, but considering the alternative, doing so could aid in avoiding unsafe situations or crashes.

Things To Consider When Driving Barefoot

Here are some other general guidelines to follow if you’re thinking about going for a drive while barefoot:

  • You may have to press the pedals more forcefully than you would if you were wearing shoes
  • Bare feet may slip off the pedals more easily
  • You must still follow the rules of the road and drive carefully, regardless of what you have on your feet

Driving barefoot could also have certain consequences in a car accident. Although not against the law, driving without shoes could be seen as a cause of distracted driving, which can contribute to fault in a collision.

In summary, driving barefoot is legal and generally acceptable. Nonetheless, you should think carefully before getting behind the wheel without shoes, as it could make an already dangerous activity even more risky.

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