Texans pride themselves on being number one for many reasons. The Lone Star State leads the nation in producing livestock, cotton, oil, and natural gas and boasts the world’s largest rodeo. 

Unfortunately, Texas has also ranked number one for something far less likely to inspire that famous Texas pride. In a recent year, Texas ranked number one in the country for the most fatal summertime accidents involving teen drivers.

Lack of driving experience is a leading cause behind why so many teens are involved in car accidents. Here’s what drivers in Houston should know about teen driving accidents and where in the city they’re most likely to occur. 

Teen Drivers and Houston Accidents

Houston is no stranger to tragic teen driving accidents. News headlines from recent years show an ongoing string of fatal teen-driver accidents related to speeding, drunk driving, cell phone use, and unlicensed driving.

Where Do Most Teen Driver Car Accidents Happen in Houston? 

Not surprisingly, a study from a few years back found that Houston hotspots for teen driver accidents coincide with the most congested, high-traffic areas. 

Houston areas noted as high-volume teen driver accident locations include: 

  • Galleria shopping district
  • Central Business District (CBD)
  • Westheimer Road
  • Loop 610
  • IH 45
  • US 59
  • US 290

One study found that the intersection of Pease St. and Fannin St. in the CBD is the most dangerous in Houston, with the highest number of crashes across the city for drivers of all ages. 

Even experienced adult drivers have experienced the stress of navigating this congested multiple-lane intersection in the heart of Houston’s Central Business District. 

The one-way traffic on Pease St. can easily confuse an inexperienced teen driver, especially during night and weekend traffic, when the roads are most congested and darkness can make visibility more difficult.

Which Age Groups Are Most Vulnerable to Injuries and Fatalities in a Collision?

Data from the Texas Department of Transportation from the year 2021 shows teens along with 21 and 22-year-old drivers make up the age groups most likely to be killed in a fatal accident in Texas. 

However, teen drivers in Texas aren’t the only ones at risk of injury or death. Passengers aged 16 through 19 make up the largest group of passenger deaths. For these age groups, the 2021 Texas fatality rate was in the 20s – while the death rate quickly drops down to teen and single digits as driver age increases. 

These numbers likely reflect the higher likelihood of teens piling into a car together, especially on nights and weekends when they aren’t in school.   

Why Are Houston Teens More Likely to Cause a Car Accident?

Houston teens pose a high risk of ending up in an accident for a few reasons. Teenagers are newer to driving, and their lack of experience in handling driving situations is a key reason so many teens end up in accidents. However, inexperience isn’t the only risk factor. 

Other factors that contribute to a higher number of teen car accidents in Houston include: 

The data shows that all these factors add to the high number of teen driving accidents. Around 40% of fatal teen crashes happen at night, and another 52% occur in congested weekend traffic. Teens are more likely than adult drivers to speed, follow too closely, text while driving, and fail to wear seat belts.  

The state of Texas limits teen drivers based on their license type and how long they’ve been driving. For example, 16-year-old drivers can hold a provisional license, which limits them to only one passenger under the age of 21, and bans driving between midnight and 5 a.m. 

However, teens don’t always follow these rules, which are set in place for their own safety. 

Making sure teen drivers are informed and following the laws can help keep them and other drivers safe, while other adult drivers in Houston can practice defensive driving strategies to help proactively reduce the risk of a car accident or death on Houston city streets.  

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