Man Driving U-haul Dies in Crash After Speeding Away From Hit-and-run in SW Houston

Houston police said that a man who was fleeing from a hit-and-run crash died when he caused another crash. According to the police, the driver of a U-Haul truck collided with another truck in the 7100 block of Bissonnet Street in southwest Houston. The driver of the U-Haul was killed, and the driver of the… read more

Houston METRO Bus Crash Victim Has to Pay For Treatment Despite Being Innocent

The story of a Houston man injured in an accident caused by a METRO bus is tragic. Matthew Leger woke up in the hospital not knowing what had happened to him. He had been hit by a METRO bus and sustained severe injuries. Mr. Leger spent three weeks in the hospital after the accident. METRO… read more

Father in Houston Charged With Murder in Crash That Killed His 5-Year-Old Daughter

Sadly, news reports state that a five-year-old was killed in a DWI accident in Houston. A four-year-old was severely injured in the accident. According to the news report, the accident occurred around 11:30 p.m. The children, both girls, were being driven by their father. Police officers stated that the man drove directly into a traffic… read more

Houston Continues to Re-open Despite Largest Single-Day Spike in Covid Cases

As the United States approaches the summer and, for some, three months of shelter-in-place, states are discussing the best way to re-open the economy. Each state, county, and city has put together guidelines on how to avoid another Covid-19 outbreak, but most agree that there should be a steady decrease or leveling-off of new cases… read more

Texas Bar Moves Forward with July Exams

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of all Americans. We have had to learn a new “normal” for many things in our daily lives. Children have transitioned to e-learning while many adults have transitioned their kitchen tables into remote offices. The country is reopening slowly, but it could be several more months before everything… read more

Could Texas Head Towards Martial Law due to Coronavirus?

It is highly unlikely that martial law is coming to Texas because of the coronavirus. Rumors about martial law have spread online after many states have issued Stay at Home orders. However, these orders are not martial law, and officials have made it clear they have no intention of initiating martial law during the pandemic…. read more

ITC Deer Park Fire Attorney

On March 17, 2019, a fire erupted at the ITC facility in Deer Park, Texas, (located at  2621 Tidal Rd, Deer Park, TX 77536) sending a massive smoke plume over Houston. The fire originated from several tanks containing hazardous chemicals and continued over three days. The fire was so severe, nearby businesses were required to… read more

Changes Coming to the I-69 and 610 West Loop

The Houston area sees some of the most severe traffic congestion in all of Texas, and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) recently announced changes to the I-69 and 610 West Loop to alleviate some of this congestion. Houston drivers should know about the coming changes so they can prepare to adjust their commute and… read more