Anyone who lives in Houston knows that the city is home to its fair share of terrible drivers. While no one wants to end up in a crash, car accident statistics do provide a silver lining: They make it possible to understand who causes the most collisions and why. 

With that said, if you’ve ever wondered whether men or women are more likely to end up in a car crash in Houston, taking a peek at the city and state’s crash statistics is a great way to get an authoritative answer.  

How Houston Tracks Car Accidents

Larger cities like Houston keep careful tabs on their car accident statistics, given that the data is used to inform policy, set new laws, and identify where city streets could be made safer. One way Houstons strives to reduce accident rates is through the Vision Zero plan. 

Vision Zero is a zero-fatality safe driving initiative that has been adopted by many cities in recent years. 

Some of the many crash metrics that Houston’s Vision Zero plan keeps track of include the following: 

  • Type of crash
  • Level of injury severity
  • Fatality rates
  • Contributing factors
  • Speed
  • Race demographics

Houston’s Vision Zero 2022 Annual Report highlights some of the chief causes of car accidents in the city’s metro area, but one area that it doesn’t track is gender. That said, it does provide an interesting look at the greatest contributing factors for Houston crashes. 

The Texas Fatality Crash Rate Doubles For Men

The most recent Houston crash data report highlights a concerning statistic for the city’s drivers. Of all major cities in Texas, Houston has by far the highest rate of both crash fatalities and serious injuries.

In fact, of the 2,220 driver deaths that occurred on Texas roads in 2022, 323 occurred within Houston city limits. Another 1,592 Houston drivers suffered serious car accident injuries in 2022. 

While neither the city nor the state maintains publicly available detailed data on whether the driver responsible for a crash was male or female, the state of Texas does track car accident fatality rates by gender

Data for 2022 provides the following gender breakdown for car accident fatalities across Texas: 

  • 588 female drivers
  • 1,628 male drivers
  • 362 female passengers
  • 411 male passengers

That data goes a long way toward answering the question of whether men or women cause more accidents in Houston. The rate of passenger deaths between men and women only differed by 49 individuals, but nearly three times as many male drivers died as women. 

There are a variety of factors that could help explain why the fatality rate in Texas is so different between men and women. For example, men are more likely to hold driving-related employment positions, especially in a state like Texas, which sees a great deal of commercial motor vehicle traffic and subsequent truck accidents

Nevertheless, crash and ticketing stats consistently show that men are more likely to engage in speeding, reckless driving, driving under the influence, and other unsafe driving choices that increase the risk of ending up in a crash. 

Injured in a Houston Crash? Call a Car Accident Attorney For Assistance

If you have been injured in a car accident in Houston, TX, it’s good to take stock of your options before calling up your insurance company and filing a claim. Factors like your gender, age, and number of dependents can impact how much money you recover for car accident injuries, especially if you were badly hurt. 

Therefore, you should always protect your finances by speaking with a Houston car accident lawyer before you begin the claims process.

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