Houston, TX, has a higher crime rate than 97.9% of all U.S. cities. That is a frightening statistic for anyone who lives there. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to live in Houston safely. You just need to know the safest neighborhoods, which include the following:


Located on the far western edge of Houston, Fulshear is probably the safest neighborhood in the city. Police regularly patrol the area, maintaining a strong sense of serenity. Locals also strictly enforce the speed limits near Huggins Elementary School to prevent car accidents.

Sugar Land

Sugar Land is also on the outskirts of Houston, though it has a much larger population than Fulshear. This neighborhood is dominated by the First Colony Mall, which is surrounded by residential housing.

In addition to being well-patrolled by police, business owners do their part to help maintain the peace. Many businesses close early to protect locals from robberies and assaults.


Just outside the inner ring of Houston, Bellaire is a neighborhood that many might refer to as “downtown.” It is built in a grid and is easy to navigate. Locals take pride in the fact that Bellaire’s parks are safe, even at night, and that it is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Houston.

Bellaire is also just a short distance from Rice University. University police help patrol the area to keep it safe for students.

Spring Branch North

This neighborhood has quite a bit more crime than those listed previously. That said, it is still one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.

It is known for having excellent schools, beautiful parks, great restaurants, and several other convenient amenities all nearby. If you enjoy high school football or baseball, this is the place to live. And the games, even the night games, are always kept safe by a strong police presence.


Houston may be dangerous, but one of the city’s most central neighborhoods is surprisingly safe. In addition to being on the safer side, Midtown is quite outdoorsy for an area so close to downtown. Furthermore, despite having a vibrant nightlife, violent crime is lower than the Houston average.

This is probably in large part because this is a family-oriented neighborhood that is within walking distance of a children’s museum and the Houston Zoo. Police work hard to keep the area safe for children.


This neighborhood is perfect if you are looking for a nice place to live and own a car. It is almost entirely residential with loosely packed housing. People who live here often know their neighbors and recognize when strangers are loitering in the area.

Even the commercial parts of the neighborhood are built more like residential areas. Businesses are often separated by blocks, and nothing about the area feels crowded. When combined with the very visible police presence, this means that crime here is very rare.

Choosing a Safe Houston Neighborhood To Live in

The Houston Police Department maintains monthly crime data by street and police beat. This data records all crimes, from break-ins to sexual assaults. While the city may be one of the most dangerous in the country, this level of transparency makes it easier for residents to choose a safe neighborhood to live in.

When deciding where to live, you need to balance things like housing costs, crime, and the quality of nearby amenities. This guide is a good starting point for finding locations that are low on crime.

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