Airbags are a life-saving device and now come standard in all new vehicles. If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Houston that deployed your airbags, you’re probably crediting them with reducing the severity of your injuries or even saving the lives of you and your passengers. 

However, there are some situations where airbags aren’t as protective as they could be. When drivers do not wear a seat belt or sensors malfunction in the vehicle, it can interfere with the airbag’s deployment when you need it most.

If your car accident involved the triggering of an airbag, it’s important to know if and how it can affect your claim for damages against the party that caused the accident.

Airbag Deployment May Help Your Injury Claim

Insurance companies seek to reduce claim payouts as much as possible, but a claim that involves the airbags deploying is treated more seriously. This is due to the conditions that trigger the airbags’ release, such as the speed the car was traveling upon impact.

Although airbags can reduce the seriousness of your injuries, it’s also important to wear your seat belt. Serious injuries can affect your ability to live independently, work, or care for your family. Protecting yourself and your passengers by wearing seat belts and purchasing vehicles with airbags can make a life-and-death difference.

What If the Airbags Didn’t Deploy During Your Accident?

If the airbags didn’t deploy when they should have, you might be worried about possible equipment failure and whether the insurance company will take your accident claim seriously. 

Several factors cause the airbag sensor to trigger deployment, including:

  • The direction the impact came from
  • The speed of the collision
  • The design of the airbag system
  • The location of crash sensors

It’s not uncommon for a serious accident to happen and a vehicle’s airbags not to deploy. It can depend on where your car was struck and how fast the other driver was going. Car safety systems vary, and in cases such as a rear-end accident, a victim may have a significant injury (whiplash is common) even if the airbag sensor wasn’t triggered. 

Advanced frontal airbag systems detect the presence of someone in the passenger seat. If the passenger is small, like a child, the weight sensor in the passenger seat signals airbags not to deploy. The airbag’s impact on a child can cause serious injury or even death.

Your airbags may not have deployed due to a manufacturing or design flaw. In these situations, your personal injury lawyer may recommend that you pursue a defective consumer product claim against the car company. 

Or, if you purchased a used vehicle, the airbags could have been incorrectly replaced or not replaced after a wreck. You may have legal options to pursue a claim against the seller.

Even If Your Airbags Didn’t Deploy, You May Still File a Claim

If you’ve been in a car accident and are worried about whether the insurance company will minimize your claim because the airbags didn’t deploy, we can help. Proving the severity of the accident is essential to forming a strong case. 

Whether the airbags deployed during your accident is one of the considerations insurance companies use to determine the settlement they will offer you or agree to. Talk to a personal injury lawyer about the circumstances of your accident and the details of your claim. You may be able to recover compensation for your injuries and losses.

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