More than 2.3 million Texans call Houston home. With such a large population, traffic collisions happen every day. 

Many different factors can contribute to a motor vehicle accident. No matter what the cause, car crashes often result in significant property damage and catastrophic injuries

Loud music is one common contributor to accidents. If you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident because the other driver was listening to loud music, do not wait. It is essential to speak with a trusted car accident attorney in Houston to pursue the financial compensation you may be owed.

Why Is Loud Music Dangerous for Drivers?

Many people believe that listening to loud music won’t pose a danger to drivers and their passengers. In fact, loud stereos are sometimes touted as a selling point for motor vehicles. 

However, music that is turned up too loud can be distracting. When motorists are distracted, their reaction time decreases. This can result in serious accidents and collisions. 

Because it is so hazardous, many states and localities have statutes in place to regulate the volume levels of music in cars. Some academic research supports the notion that loud music is dangerous for those on the roadways.  

For example, one recent study found that music played at a high volume decreased the listener’s reaction time. Those listening to loud music showed a delayed reaction time of around 20% when compared to those not hearing music.  

The volume is only one feature of music that may influence the behavior of motorists. Music’s tempo can also impact how someone drives. Specifically, research has shown that music with a tempo of at least 120 beats per minute makes reckless driving more probable. 

Loud and fast music leads to a higher heart rate in the listener. When driving, this can result in dangerous driving, accidents, and injuries. 

When a driver is listening to music at a high volume, they may also fail to hear nearby sirens on emergency vehicles. Because loud music is a distraction, it can lead to motorists becoming involved in collisions.

Is Listening to Loud Music While Driving Illegal in Texas?

There is no specific law in Texas that makes listening to loud music while driving illegal. However, any activity that draws a motorist’s attention away from the operation of their vehicle may qualify as a distraction. 

Distracted driving laws in Texas are mostly focused on preventing drivers from texting. If your music causes you to break a traffic law, you may be charged with dangerous driving.  

Although driving and listening to loud music is typically legal in Houston, it is still dangerous. When a collision has occurred as the result of distracted driving, the victim may have legal recourse.

How Can a Houston Attorney Help Following a Distracted Driving Accident?

If you have sustained property damage or a physical injury in a distracted driving accident, it is crucial to speak with a lawyer. A skilled car accident attorney will use the evidence available in your case to fight for you. 

A personal injury attorney in Houston can help to determine which party is legally responsible for the damage you sustained. It can be difficult to know who is liable without the assistance of a legal professional. 

Successful distracted driving claims often result in significant financial compensation for the victim. Some of the most common examples of financial damages are: 

Any losses that result from the distracted driving collision can be claimed as financial damages through a legal case.

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