Lowe’s does not subscribe to the Texas state workers’ compensation system. Texas is the only state in the country that gives employers this option. This does not mean, however, that you’re unprotected in the event of an accident. It means that Lowe’s has chosen to sign up for its own workers’ compensation policy, according to rules of its own choosing rather than state-mandated guidelines. Lowe’s workers’ compensation claims will look different from claims at other companies because they are a non-subscriber.

If you’ve suffered an injury while working at a Lowe’s in Texas, get help from a Houston workers compensation lawyer. An attorney can ensure you follow all of the company’s rules and regulations for filing your claim. A lawyer can also advocate for maximum benefits on your behalf – even turning your case into a personal injury trial for better compensation, if possible. Get basic information for filing a workers’ comp claim against Lowe’s in Texas here.

About Lowe’s

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. is a chain of home improvement and appliance retail stores throughout North America. It has more than 2,390 locations and 310,000 employees. It is the second-largest hardware chain of its kind, behind Home Depot. Lowe’s began as a family-owned hardware store that also sold tack, supplies, and groceries. It eventually became a big-box store due to pressure from its competitors to evolve. Like most major retailers in the state, Lowe’s opted to become a non-subscriber after Texas made its workers’ compensation system optional.

What Does Lowe’s Workers’ Comp Insurance Look Like?

Companies that follow the state’s workers’ compensation program must offer injured employees full medical coverage, at least two-thirds lost wages, temporary disability benefits, permanent (lifelong) disability benefits, and death benefits to surviving family members. There is no need for the employee to prove the employer’s negligence since the state’s system is no-fault. Even if the employee contributed to the accident, he or she can receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Since Lowe’s creates its own workers’ compensation rules, injured workers will not get the same benefits they would from the state system. The system also has different rules and program details than the standard system. According to Lowe’s, the maximum amount for all combined benefits after an injury cannot exceed $300,000 per associate and $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Lowe’s will cover 100% of medical bills for up to 120 weeks. This differs from the statewide system, which offers medical benefits for up to 400 weeks. One way in which Lowe’s plan is better than the statewide minimum is in lost wage replacement. Injured workers will receive up to 90% of lost wages for disabilities for up to 120 weeks, starting on the first day of disability. Lowe’s also offers up to $200,000 in death benefits and $6,000 in burial benefits.

How to Apply for Workers’ Compensation at Lowe’s

Lowe’s automatically enrolls its employees in the Lowe’s workers’ compensation plan when they are employees in the state of Texas. After an accident, you must inform your supervisor immediately (no later than 24 hours after the accident). You must see an approved physician for your medical care within 14 days of the date of injury. You must submit to a drug and alcohol screen at the time of your medical treatment, or else potentially forfeit your eligibility for benefits.

Your employer should help you file a workers’ compensation claim after a workplace accident. A lawyer can also help with all phases of the workers’ comp process, as well as fight for further compensation through a personal injury or wrongful death claim, if applicable. Consulting with a lawyer after a work accident at Lowe’s can clear the path toward fair compensation.

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