Even a minor car accident can cause significant property damage to your vehicle. You might be without your vehicle for several days or weeks while the repairs are being made. 

For most people, being without their car is not just inconvenient; it is also unrealistic. They must get to work, take their kids to school, and run errands. They may need a rental car if they do not have access to another vehicle.

Who Pays for a Rental Car After an Accident in Texas?

You may wonder if insurance will pay for a rental car during repairs. Who pays for a rental car depends on the circumstances of the accident.

Texas drivers are required to have minimum liability insurance coverage. Liability coverage pays for damages to accident victims when the insured causes a car crash. In addition to bodily insurance coverage to pay for personal injuries, a driver must have at least $25,000 in property damage coverage. 

Since Texas is an at-fault state for car accidents, the driver who caused the car accident is responsible for property damage. Therefore, the at-fault driver’s insurance company should pay to repair your vehicle. It should also pay for a rental car during the repairs.

If the car accident is your fault, you will be responsible for paying the rental car fees while your car is being repaired. However, if you have rental car coverage on your car insurance policy, your insurance provider might cover the rental car costs. 

Why Is the Insurance Company Refusing to Pay for a Rental Car?

The insurance company might dispute liability for the car accident. If so, it will deny your claim for damages, including reimbursement for a rental car. In that case, you might need to take legal action to receive money for property damage and payment for rental car fees. 

You can file a claim with your insurer if you have rental car coverage. However, your insurance company might seek reimbursement of the rental car fees if you recover compensation for a property damage claim against the other driver.

Call a Houston car accident lawyer immediately if an insurance company denies liability for a collision. Navigating the claims process without a lawyer puts you at a disadvantage. You do not have the resources the insurance company has to fight the claim.

However, hiring a Houston personal injury lawyer gives you more power. The insurance company knows it is less likely to intimidate an experienced lawyer or engage in bad faith practices when dealing with an attorney. 

An attorney understands how to put pressure on the insurance company to pay for a rental car, repairs, and other damages. The attorney handles all aspects of the case, including gathering evidence to prove fault and negotiating with the insurance company.

Making Repairs to Your Vehicle After a Car Accident in Houston 

The insurance company for the at-fault driver cannot force you to use a specific company or person to make repairs after a car crash. The insurance company might have its insurance adjuster prepare a repair estimate after inspecting the vehicle. It could accept the repair estimate from the repair facility you choose.

If the insurance company provides a repair estimate, take your vehicle to a mechanic for an independent estimate. You need to confirm that the insurance company did not overlook damages or intentionally mislead you about the extent of the damage. 

What Happens if My Car Was Totaled After a Houston Car Accident?

The insurance company might rush to settle the property damage claim if your car was totaled. It wants to reduce how much it has to pay. Therefore, it may attempt to pay you the fair market value of your vehicle quickly to avoid the cost of a rental car while you settle the claim.

The fair market value of your vehicle is the price you could get if you sold your vehicle in the condition it was before the accident. 

Numerous factors impact a vehicle’s market value, including: 

  • The vehicle’s age, make, and model 
  • The odometer reading at the time of the accident
  • The car’s condition before the accident (i.e., scratches, dents, stains, torn carpet, etc.).
  • Whether you have special equipment installed
  • The market for the make and model of your vehicle 
  • Whether the vehicle had prior damage from an accident or other incident

You do not have to accept the amount an insurance company offers for your vehicle. You can decline the settlement offer for property damage and negotiate a higher amount. If you have questions about a property damage claim, you can talk to a Houston car accident attorney about your case during a free consultation

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