Neck and back injuries are some of the most common types of harm to come from car accidents in Texas. They also vary widely in terms of both severity and long-term impact. 

It is worth examining the most common types of car-accident-related back and neck injuries and the factors that most greatly impact a settlement. Doing so sheds light on the type of compensation you can expect to recover if you harm these areas of your body.

Common Types of Back and Neck Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents

The neck and back form one complex, interconnected whole, with the spinal cord running from the base of the skull down to the tailbone. These bones provide support and mobility, but they also encase nerves that feed out to all parts of the body, as well as serving as attachment points for many of your muscles. 

Some of the most common back and neck injuries experienced by car accident victims include: 

The complexity of the spinal cord means that it’s difficult to predict the severity or healing expectations of a neck or back injury without fully assessing the damage. Indeed, every individual accident is unique because the specific type and location of the injury can mean further damage to nerves and muscles.  

Average Compensation for a Texas Back and Neck Injury

Compensation for a back or neck injury after a Texas car accident isn’t identified based on the physical injury alone. It typically represents the cumulative impact of the accident on your finances, long-term health prognosis, and overall quality of life.  

Car accident compensation for a back or neck injury in Texas includes payment for items such as: 

Your Texas car accident attorney will identify a fair compensation value. And the more skill and experience your lawyer has, the more likely it is that they will be able to maximize the compensation you’re able to recover. 

Factors that Impact Car Accident Settlement Amounts in TX

A variety of factors impact the total amount you receive after a Texas car accident

Some of the most significant include the following: 

  • Long-term healing prognosis
  • Whether you can return to work
  • Whether you have dependents
  • The skill of your car accident lawyer

Even when two individuals experience the exact same injuries and medical costs, their payout is not necessarily the same. For example, if one person was retired with no dependents and the other had dependents and many years of expected employment left, the second would be entitled to a significantly larger compensation value.

Perhaps the most significant factor that impacts car accident compensation for a back and neck injury is the long-term impact. Spinal injuries often lead to paralysis. When car accident injuries result in the inability to return to work or even complete daily tasks without help, compensation values in Texas often reach six and seven figures.  

Why You Should Always Consult a Texas Car Accident Lawyer After Sustaining Injuries

Do you hope to maximize the compensation you recover after a Texas car accident causes back and neck injuries? If so, you need a skilled lawyer fighting for you.

Insurance companies work hard to keep their payouts small, and building a case for the long-term impact of a back or neck injury is no small task. However, with a skilled lawyer fighting by your side, it’s possible to recover fair compensation after a Texas car accident seriously alters your health, finances, and future.

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