It’s the big day, the day you go in for surgery. When you arrive at the facility for your surgery, you are called to a room where your surgeon comes to speak with you. Your surgeon explains the process, calms your nerves, and puts you at ease. You trust what your surgeon is telling you, and more importantly, you trust your surgeon. You are placed under anesthesia and the operation begins.

 After surgery, as you awake from your anesthesia, you are slightly sore. It is explained to you that this feeling is normal and will eventually wear off. However, when you are sent home, things only get worse. The pain gets worse, you begin to have fever, you begin to worry.

This is when you decide to follow up with your doctor. It is at this follow-up visit that it is revealed what was left inside of your body during surgery. 

The Ugly Truth

Patients may consider the side effects and consequences certain surgeries may have. However, patients typically do not consider the fact they may leave the operating room with foreign objects inside their body. Unfortunately, this happens more than we would like to think. That is why it is important to know your rights if this happens to you.

Experienced Lawyers  

The attorneys at Attorney Brian White and Associates are experienced in handling these life-altering claims. Attorney Brian White and Associates represented a man after he was injured due to his surgeon’s negligence. On June 14, 2016, our Client presented himself for surgery. Once surgery was complete, our Client’s post-operative course was complicated by serious infections. These infections included sepsis, a urinary tract infection, and a wound infection.

Weeks later, on July 5, 2016, our Client had a repeat surgery. During this second surgery, an infected sponge was discovered inside our Client’s body. For weeks, the sponge was left inside our Client’s body causing him pain, complications, and serious infections. However, his complications didn’t end there. Once the infected sponge was removed from our Client’s body, he spent several months in the hospital. Over the months, our Client endured long and painful post-operative treatment, all of which could have been easily prevented.

Was The Surgeon Liable?—Yes

Our firm fought for our Client and proved that liability was reasonably clear against the surgeon. All surgeons must adhere to a standard of care, as they are held to a high duty to competently care for their patients. The relevant standard of care in this case is as follows: “The standard of care requires that the surgeon remove any foreign bodies that he places in the wound.”

This duty to adhere to the required standard of care was clearly breached by the surgeon when he left the sponge in our Client’s body, closed the incision, and allowed the sponge the sit and fester in our Client’s body for weeks. Such breach of the standard of care caused our Client to suffer serious infections and painful treatment for several months.

Within those months, the surgeon’s breach of his duty caused our Client to come close to death.  

Know Your Rights and Get The Help You Deserve

After preserving the evidence and fighting for our Client, Attorney Brian White and Associates was able to make our Client whole again. As mentioned above, a surgeon is required to follow the standard of care when treating patients.

If a surgeon violates this standard of care and as a result their patient is injured, the surgeon is responsible for the harm. It is important to hire the right lawyer who knows how to gather important evidence before it disappears, explain to you your rights, and get what you deserve.  

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