The 2017 Houston-Galveston Area Council’s Mobility Report showed an increase in crashes involving bicyclists and pedestrians. In 2016, 1,944 accidents in the region involved pedestrians – an increase of 46% from 2015.

If you frequently walk in the city of Houston, it is up to you to protect your rights and help prevent collisions. The more you know about Houston’s pedestrian laws, the safer you can be while walking around the Bayou City.

If you were recently involved in a pedestrian accident, you need strong representation. Contact our Houston pedestrian accident lawyers today.

Pedestrian and Traffic Control Signals

Pedestrians do not automatically have the right-of-way in every situation in Houston. Instead, they must obey traffic control and crosswalk signals like drivers and bicyclists. Pedestrians may only cross a roadway when they receive a green signal or a walk sign.

Drivers must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians who have the walk or green signal within a marked or unmarked crosswalk. Pedestrians with yellow, red, wait, or do-not-walk signals may not cross the roadway.

Drivers must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians in crosswalks if the crosswalks do not have traffic control signals. As a pedestrian crosses the walk, vehicles on the same side of the road as the pedestrian must yield.

Vehicles on the other side of the road must come to a stop if the pedestrian is approaching that side at a speed that is unsafe. Again, these rules only apply at crosswalks without traffic lights or signals in Houston.

Walking on the Road vs. the Sidewalk

It is illegal in Houston to walk in the roadway if a sidewalk is available and accessible. Instead, pedestrians must use the available sidewalk or pedestrian path. Walking on the road is only lawful when something is blocking the sidewalk, such as a construction zone, or if there is no sidewalk.

If you must walk on the road, keep to the left side of the roadway, facing oncoming traffic. Stay on the shoulder of the road, as far to the left as possible.

Pedestrians cannot suddenly step off a sidewalk or curb and into the road when an oncoming vehicle does not have time to stop. Vehicles in close proximity to the pedestrian must have enough time to safely come to a stop before the pedestrian steps into the road, even at a marked crosswalk.

Pedestrians must wait until it is safe to do so to cross. It is illegal for a vehicle to pass another vehicle that is stopped at a crosswalk.

Crossing Without a Crosswalk

It is illegal for a pedestrian to cross a road at a place other than an intersection or crosswalk, unless no intersection, crosswalk, or pedestrian walkway is available. If a pedestrian has to cross the road without a crosswalk, he or she must yield the right-of-way to oncoming vehicles.

It is illegal to cross in front of traffic at a place where no crosswalk or intersection exists. Pedestrians may only cross intersections diagonally if a traffic control device authorizes this action.

Your Rights After a Pedestrian Accident

If a driver strikes you while walking around Houston, you have the right to seek damages from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Call the police if your accident involves personal injuries, deaths, or expensive property damage. Remain on the scene and wait for help to arrive.

Get the driver’s name and insurance information. Once you have received medical care for your injuries, call the at-fault driver’s insurance company and make a claim.

You could receive compensation for your medical expenses, past and future pain and suffering, lost income from missed time at work, and other damages with a successful insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

You have the right to speak to an attorney about your legal options after sustaining serious injuries in a vehicle-pedestrian collision. Hiring a lawyer can help you understand all your rights as a pedestrian in Houston, before and after a collision.

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