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The Ten Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

The nature versus nurture argument isn’t limited to children. The debate continues with man’s best friend, and forces pet owners to ask: Are dogs vicious due to their nature or upbringing? Although upbringing is definitely a factor in aggressiveness, certain breeds are more predisposed to having vicious temperaments. When these dogs are paired with an… read more

Announcing The Brian White National Academic Scholarship

We are proud to announce the Brian White National Academic Scholarship is now accepting submission. If you know a college undergraduate or a high school senior that is motivated to further their education have them submit a 400-600 word essay on the following topic: Should DUI/DWI offenders be imprisoned on the 1st offense? What if… read more

The Costs Associated with DWI

I recently took on a new case where one of my personal friends was injured by a drunk driver. We all see a lot of anti-drunk driving campaigns out there and yet the number of people injured by drunk drivers is incredibly high. I created this infographic to make sure people are aware of how… read more

Tradegy Strikes on the Trinity II

On September 7,  2011, as Tropical Storm Nate was quickly turning into Hurricane Nate, the captain of the Trinity II, located in the Bay of Campeche, requested for ships in the area to help evacuate his crew of 1o, with no answer or commitment to come help the 10 were forced to evacuate on September… read more

Actos Bladder Cancer Lawyer

The popular diabetes drug Actos has been connected to bladder cancer. Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Actos, knew that this drug had serious side effects but it never made that information public. As a result, lawsuits against Actos are now happening. Drug makers are responsible for the drugs that they market and sell. When these… read more

New Zealand Oil spill

There has been a new environmental disaster in New Zealand, where a ship was the cause of a leakage of  an impressive amount of oil into the ocean. This happened when the ship crashed with a reef on the coast of the country, dropping about 70 containers  filled with Diesel and oil. The crack in… read more