Attorney Brian White has built a track record of success in pursuing compensation for people injured in slip and fall accidents in Houston. By aggressively preparing each case to go to trial from the beginning, Brian White can gain the advantage in negotiating settlements and is ready to win if the case goes to trial – even against big corporations like Kroger.

Kroger Company is the third largest retailer in America and the largest grocery store chain. With reported sales of over $100 billion in 2014, Kroger operates 2,625 supermarkets and at least 36 stores in Houston alone.

If you were injured on someone else’s property, it is a good idea to contact a Houston slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible.

Proving Your Case

To win compensation for your injury, it is necessary to prove that Kroger did not take the reasonable precautions expected of a property owner to make their store safe.

You must prove Kroger’s negligence led to your accident, which caused your injury. When Kroger employees are negligent in cleaning spills or ensuring the floors are safe to walk on, you can hold them responsible for the injuries that result by seeking compensation for them.

Kroger Company and the Insurance Representative Are Not Your Friends

One of the most important things you must keep in mind after a slip and fall injury at Kroger is that the grocery store and its insurance company representatives are not looking out for your best interests.

The people who work for Kroger or handle its insurance claims are looking out for Kroger and trying to minimize the amount of money it must pay in compensation for its negligence. While these people may appear to be concerned about you and the injuries you have suffered, its main concern is in helping the company.

You Have a Right to Seek Compensation

You cannot be denied compensation solely because you were partly at fault in your slip and fall. Insurance companies may try to intimidate you into giving up your claim on the grounds your cell phone distracted your, that you were not watching where you were walking, you were not wearing non-slip shoes, or any other factor that pins some blame for the accident on you.

The law in Texas, however, allows you to receive compensation for injuries even when you are partly to blame. You may receive proportionally less compensation if you were somewhat responsible for your accident, but you cannot be denied compensation if Kroger’s negligence was the main cause of your injury.

Protect Your Rights

Immediately after your slip and fall, notify a Kroger employee of your accident, and ask them to call for medical help. Kroger employees can quickly clean up wet floors and trip hazards after your fall, so try to get photos of the problem that caused the accident as soon as possible. While waiting for medical help to arrive, try not to say much about your accident; simply assert that you are hurt and do not feel like talking at this time.

In the days after your accident, you may receive a phone call from Kroger’s insurance asking for a recorded statement. It is not legally necessary for you to give them a statement, even if the representative implies that it is necessary or will help speed up your claim. In fact, the company will likely try to use your statement to deny or reduce your claim. Reach out to one of the best slip and fall accident attorneys in Houston for a free consultation.

Brian White can help you navigate the legal obstacles Kroger Company will put in the way of you getting the compensation you need for medical expenses and lost wages. Get in touch with him today for a free consultation. Do not wait! Texas law places firm restrictions on how long you have to pursue a claim for compensation. Let Brian White go to work on your behalf today.

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