Trucks are by far the most prominent and heaviest vehicles on Texas roads. With a full load, trucks can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds. Even a minor truck accident can lead to catastrophic injury for Texas motorists. 

Because of this risk, state and federal laws enforce strict traffic requirements and restrictions that help keep drivers and pedestrians safe.

Unfortunately, not all truck drivers engage in due diligence when following the rules of the road. When you encounter a truck engaging in reckless behavior or violating traffic laws, you can report the truck driver and hold the responsible parties accountable. Learn more about how you can report unsafe truck drivers and help keep roads safe.

Unsafe Truck Driving

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) oversees the commercial trucking laws that require all truck drivers to engage in safe practices when they get behind the wheel. 

Some of these safety standards include:

  • Speed limits
  • Special permits
  • Weight restrictions and limitations
  • Equipment requirements

Whenever a truck driver fails to comply with the established laws, whether for a moving violation or otherwise, you can report the behavior. 

Some types of unsafe truck driving include:

In 2020, there were roughly 147,000 injuries across the United States due to large truck collisions. In many of these accidents, preventable measures could have been taken. If you drive on Texas roads, you must report any unsafe truck to the appropriate authorities.

Because most trucks are engaged in interstate travel, they must comply with federal laws. You can report any illegal or dangerous trucking behavior directly to the NHTSA. You can also report any immediate emergency, including DUI, to law enforcement by calling 911.

In any case, in order to report an unsafe truck driver, you’ll need to gather critical data to help the authorities identify the vehicle. Some of these include:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) number
  • License plate number
  • Physical description of the vehicle

The more information you collect, the more likely the truck will be identified and held accountable. Depending on the situation’s unique circumstances, there may be many moving parts to a formal complaint.

Reporting to the U.S Department of Transportation

When you witness a truck driver engaging in reckless or dangerous behavior, you can report it to the FMCSA, part of the Department of Transportation.

The FMCSA takes these reports seriously and maintains a federal database with truck company driver records. Whenever you file a formal complaint against a driver or company, the FMCSA will add it to a company’s history and launch an investigation into the matter. 

Filing a federal complaint can be the first step in holding law-breaking truckers responsible for dangerous and unsafe behavior. You can call the FMCSA safety hotline at (888) DOT-SAFT or use their online portal.

Reporting Directly to Texas Law Enforcement

If you witness an emergency involving a truck, such as a DUI or other reckless behavior, you should address it immediately. You can report these violations to local law enforcement.

When lives are on the line, safety is a priority. In many cases, dialing 911 may be the best choice to help prevent a major accident and stop an unsafe driver. When you dial 911, you’ll want to provide the best description to the dispatcher to ensure that the appropriate authorities can track the truck.

What If an Unsafe Truck Driver Injures You?

If you are injured by an unsafe truck driver, you have the legal right to pursue any damages in court and hold the driver and company responsible.

Trucks are held to high standards, and drivers should be held responsible when their negligent behavior results in injury. Should you become injured by a trucker, consulting with a personal injury attorney is your best option to determine the right course of action. 

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