Losing a loved one is always a horrible ordeal, but when you know your loved one didn’t have to die, it can be almost unbearable. After a wrongful death, you may feel like you’ll never be able to move past that grief. But there is life beyond loss, and grief support groups may be able to give you the help you need to get back on your feet.

Below, we’ll discuss what to expect from these groups and how you can find them in Houston, TX.

What Is a Grief Support Group?

A grief support group is a gathering of people who have suffered losses and who can support each other through the healing process. These people may understand many of the things you’re feeling and struggling with in ways others around you may not. They may also be able to share coping mechanisms they use or revelations they’ve had that may be helpful for you, too.

You may be able to find support groups specific to the kind of loss you’ve suffered – child bereavement, parent loss, sibling death, etc. These groups are usually made up of peers, although they may be led by a grief counselor, pastor, or other mentor figure. 

Benefits of a Grief Support Group

There are a number of benefits of having a support group as you’re working through the grieving process. As we’ve mentioned, having people around you who can really understand what you’re going through can be helpful. 

You may feel isolated and hopeless during this time; this support group can alleviate some of those feelings. Seeing people who have been through the same losses as you and come out the other side can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel you’re in.

Talking through your feelings can also help you process these thoughts and feelings, and the coping mechanisms you learn about could be life-altering. In fact, many grief support group participants say this exchange of information is one of the most helpful parts of being in the group.

What to Expect

Knowing what to expect from a grief support group can help you feel more confident before you attend your first meeting. Most of these meetings last about an hour to hour and a half and include between six and twelve participants.

People will be sharing about their losses, the things they’re experiencing, and the coping mechanisms they’re using. If any of this becomes overwhelming for you, it’s okay to step outside for a few minutes and breathe. You aren’t required to speak if you don’t want to, and there may even be some periods of prolonged silence.

Where to Find Grief Support Groups in Houston, TX

There are several sources you can use to find grief support groups in Houston, Texas. Psychology Today has a list of various groups in the Houston area, as does Grief Share. You may also check with local religious groups or ask your doctor or therapist for recommendations.

Get Justice for Your Loss

Losing a loved one is incredibly hard, and even more so if they suffered a wrongful death. Grief support groups can help you work through the healing process in a healthier way and may help you feel less isolated. Houston has a variety of resources for finding a support group that meets your needs.

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