How to File a Car Accident Claim with Fred Loya

How to File a Car Accident Claim with Fred Loya

The motto of Fred Loya Insurance Group is “Success is measured not only by profits but by integrity as well.” By purportedly putting integrity above profits, Fred Loya has provided car insurance for more than 600,000 drivers. With more than 200 adjustors, 100 appraisers, and a claims department capable of handling more than 9,000 claims on a monthly basis, Fred Loya is a well-oiled machine pumping out settlement after settlement.

While integrity is their mantra, not all auto insurance policyholders would completely agree. Many have found themselves shortchanged or slighted when filing a settlement. Many insurance companies use tactics to deny, delay or defend claims being brought by accident victims and Fred Loya Insurance is one of those companies. This is the result when companies put shareholders over the needs of the policyholders.

What to Do After an Accident in Texas

Despite your best intentions, commitment to safety, and awareness, car accidents can and do happen. Instead of focusing on what caused the accident, it’s important to focus on how to respond.

Immediately after an accident, your goal should be safety. Check for injuries and call 911 if anyone is seriously hurt. Next, you should exchange information with the other driver(s). Your conversation should be limited to making sure everyone is okay and gathering names, contact information, insurance provider details, policy numbers, and other pertinent details.

It is also a good idea to jot down the names and phone numbers of any witnesses that may have seen the accident. Avoid apologizing or admitting fault, as doing so could be used against you.

You should also call the police so an official accident report can be filed. The police will ask you details regarding the accident, and you should respond truthfully.

Filing a Claim with Fred Loya

After the police let you know it’s okay to leave the scene of the accident, Fred Loya expects you to let them know you’ve been involved in a collision. They can be reached by phone at 1-800-880-0472 and will want to know all the details regarding the collision.

This is where you need to be careful. People that work for the insurance company may pretend to be on your side but they are not. They are trained to ask questions of you that can damage your claim. Instead of contacting your insurance provider, it can serve your best interests to reach out to an attorney first for guidance. An experienced Houston auto accident attorney will help you better understand the claims process and can offer you essential advice on how to maximize your settlement.

State of Texas Car Insurance Laws

Texas is a “fault” state, meaning a victim can file an insurance or personal injury claim against the other driver. If Fred Loya determines the other driver is at fault, they will ask for his or her insurance provider to pay for the expenses incurred. If there are discrepancies over fault and no clear determination can be made, costs will be distributed proportionally based on the percentage of fault.

What You Need to Know

Regardless of your driving history, car accidents do happen. While the most cautious and responsible drivers can’t avoid accidents 100% of the time, you can prepare for them by understanding how the claims process works.

When filing a car accident claim, be prepared to answer detailed questions regarding the accident. While you should be honest and forthright with information, there is a right and wrong way to go about the process. Speaking too soon and too freely can enable your insurance provider to gain an upper hand or position of power. An accident attorney can properly advise you on how to proceed and watch out for your legal rights.

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