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There are a lot of different factors that can increase the risk of getting into a car accident in Houston. Speeding, following other vehicles too closely, and driving after having a few too many drinks can all certainly make a crash much more likely.

However, did you know that the results of several studies suggest that the color of the car you drive might have something to do with your chances of being involved in a collision? So, the next time you rent, lease, or a buy a car, you might want to keep this in mind. 

What’s the Safest Color Car?

There are three schools of thought. 

Multiple studies have shown that drivers of white cars are much less likely to be involved in a car accident than anyone else. When compared to all other color vehicles, research shows that you’re about 12 percent less likely to be involved in an accident while driving a vehicle that’s white.

At least one study, however, determined that yellow cars – and not white ones – were the safest choice. That could explain why school buses, which transport our most precious cargo, are painted bright yellow.

Still, others are adamant that silver is the safest option. In one study, researchers found that individuals in silver cars were about half as likely to be involved in an accident than drivers of other color cars. However, it’s important to note that silver has also be categorized as a dangerous choice in other studies. Some researchers believe that driving a silver car actually increases the risk of an accident by about 10%

What’s the Most Dangerous Color Car?

There’s no question that black cars are the most dangerous. No study has associated a different color car with more collisions. However, the risk associated with black vehicles really differs based on the time of day.

During daylight hours, black vehicles are anywhere between 10% and 20% more likely than other color cars to be involved in a collision. At night, you’re roughly 47% more likely to be involved in an accident if you’re driving a black car.

Why Are Certain Color Cars More Likely to Be Involved in a Car Accident Than Others?

It all comes down to visibility. The easier it is to see the car you’re driving, the less likely it is that you’ll be involved in a collision. Factors that can influence visibility include:

Bright colors vs. dark colors

Generally speaking, cars that are bright in color are involved in fewer car accidents than cars that are dark in colors. This can be true for vehicles of the same color. Bright blue cars are likely involved in fewer accidents than dark blue cars. If a car is bright and vibrant, it stands out. It’s easier for other motorists to stop. Again, that’s probably why school buses and taxi cabs are bright yellow. They’re incredibly easy to spot.

Urban Settings vs. Rural Settings

Where you’re driving can influence how visible your car is. For instance, a green car is more likely to stand out in an urban setting than it is in a rural setting. Why? Rural roads are often set against a backdrop of fields, crops, and grass. It can be more difficult to see a green car when it’s surrounded by a lot of other green things. Alternatively, a green car might be more visible in an urban setting, which is often painted in greys and blacks.

At the same time, a red car might be easier to see in a rural setting than in an urban one. Cities like Houston are filled with bright lights and signs – many of which are rest. There are traffic signals, stop signs, and first responder lights. Red vehicles can get lost in the mix pretty easily. However, against a green or beige backdrop, red cars are fairly easy to see.

Sunlight vs. Moonlight

Most cars will be more difficult to see at night. However, those that are bright in color might be more reflective and, therefore, easier to spot when headlights or street lights are shining. Others, like black and grey cars, don’t tend to benefit in the same way.

However, some cars can be more challenging to see during the daylight hours because of their color. Blue cars, for instance, can be difficult to see on a sunny day when the sky is painted blue. A blue vehicle might blend into the sky and be difficult to discern. 

Other Car Colors and Crash Risk

So, we’ve identified the safest color options – white, yellow, and/or silver. We’ve also identified the most dangerous – black. While these color choices do make up for a large percentage of the number of vehicles drive on the roads in Houston on any given day, many people are driving other color vehicles. Where do those colors rank in terms of crash risk?

Here’s a breakdown of other color vehicles and the associated risk of a crash, when compared to the safest choice (white).

Grey Cars: Grey cars aren’t much safer than black vehicles. Studies show that drivers of grey cars are about 11% more likely to be involved in an accident.

Blue Cars: Blue cars are associated with a 7% higher crash risk than white cars. Keep in mind, however, that blue cars come in many different shades. Crash risk is likely higher in dark blue cars than in light blue vehicles.

Red Cars: Red cars are also associated with a 7% higher risk of a crash than white cars.

Green Cars: Green cars are the safest choice when it comes to dark color vehicles. However, as noted above, whether you’re driving a green car in an urban or rural setting can influence the likelihood of a collision.

Pink Cars: There aren’t many pink cars out there, but the ones that are on the road aren’t involved in many accidents. The crash risk, when compared to white vehicles, is not significant.

Gold Cars: Gold cars are also not associated with a significant increase in crash risk. These vehicles, while perhaps not the most popular color choice, tend to stand out on the road.

Orange Cars: Orange cars are likely one of the safest color choices out there. However, they are not ranked as the safest choice alongside white, yellow, or silver. Why? Orange cars can be challenging to see, at times, especially at dusk or dawn.

Can I Be Liable For a Car Accident in Houston If I Was Driving a Black Car?

Just because you drive a black car doesn’t mean that you will automatically be on the hook for damages if you’re involved in a car accident in Houston. The color of your car might have an impact on the risk of getting into a collision. However, the color of your car isn’t going to cause an accident. There will be other factors at play.

These might include:

The only way to determine who is responsible for an accident is to make sure that it’s investigated thoroughly. When you enlist the Houston car accident lawyers at Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers for help, we will dig deep and do our best to get to the bottom of what happened.

We’ll analyze your accident from every angle, gather and scrutinize evidence, and bring in experts to help us along the way. We’ll work tirelessly to identify every possible cause and, in turn, figure out who is at fault. The fact that someone was driving a black car won’t impose liability. Rather, the fact that someone was driving aggressively, not using their headlights, or drunk will impose liability. 

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The color car you drive can influence the likelihood that you will or won’t be involved in a motor vehicle accident in Houston. So, when choosing a car, you might want to take the color into consideration when you’re thinking about safety. When you drive, however, don’t let the fact that your car is white lull you into a false sense of security. You’ll still have to obey the rules of the road and drive with caution. It’s when drivers are careless that accidents tend to happen.

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