Filing Car Accident Claims with USAA Insurance

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USAA stands for the United Services Automobile Association. This company is different from most auto insurance providers. They market themselves directly to members that serve in, or are veterans of, the US military. The company doesn’t utilize agents to handle claims. Instead they conduct business entirely with telecommunications, either over the phone or internet.

The lack of personal touch has affected many customers. Clients are often left at the mercy of the long response time of adjusters and individuals reviewing the claims. This is a tricky company with largely negative reviews from over 350 customers on Consumer Affairs. If you find yourself in an auto collision, especially one that results in medical coverage, and USAA is involved, contact an experienced law firm in Houston at (713) 500-5000 to get the best results.

Approaching the Accident

Car collisions seem to come out of nowhere and other victims may be defensive, especially when they are at fault. There can be myriad problems not immediately apparent that need to be addressed later. Some people may begin to experience headaches or seizures days after the accident, so it is important to get as much information as possible before approaching USAA to make a claim.

Immediately After An Accident in Houston

After a collision, try to move all involved vehicles off the road and give yourself space from traffic. Turning on hazard lights or placing cones around the accident is advisable. If someone seems to be suffering from serious injury or internal damage, call 911 for medical help.

Call the police. You’ll want to exchange vehicle and insurance information with the other car owners. Get their policy number and license information.

Take photos of the damage. This is common practice, but especially important when dealing with USAA. It’s imperative to cover all bases. The USAA website also recommends taking notes, like reviewing the time of collision, estimated velocity, and weather info.

The police will prepare a report based on witness testimony from you and the other drivers. This report will be used to help substantiate the facts of the case when the claim is reviewed.

Contact USAA

Before contacting USAA, approach a lawyer. The company has nearly 400 complaints and reviews (with 89% of those ratings at 1 star), which should give you reason to be cautious when dealing with them. A dedicated personal injury lawyer will help push when a company is moving too slowly and demand results if they deny legitimate parts of your claim.

You can reach the company at (713) 500-5000 or download their customer service apps here.

What You Need to Know

Car insurance companies are technically responsible for any medical bills that result from a collision, regardless of fault. Auto insurers have been known to shrug responsibility when not held accountable. Arm yourself with the appropriate knowledge before dealing with a company that has dubious feedback.

Download the USAA app. According to the USAA website: “No matter which online or digital method you use to report your claim, you can track your interactions with USAA through the Claim Communication Center,” and “[you can] see the entire ongoing conversation on one screen.” Sometimes, claim adjusters get replaced, and communication is lost. Take advantage of USAA’s promise to document every interaction. This information will be invaluable if your medical provider is forced to take the insurer to court.

How Our Car Accident Law Firm in Houston Can Help

At Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers we will be happy to field any questions or concerns for free and we only accept payment after the completion of a successful case.

Attorney Brian White’s experience in the field of auto insurance claims is top-tier, and he can successfully guide all his clients through the jungle of insurance claims toward the settlement they deserve.

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