How to Handle a Car Accident Claim with ACCC

How to Handle a Car Accident Claim with ACCC

Based in Texas, ACCC is an auto insurance company that services seven different states in the southern United States. The perception is that car insurance providers are there to help the client after an auto accident. The truth is that in serious situations insurance companies are scrambling to mitigate losses, not protect clients.

Dealing with Car Accidents

You’re driving to work, waiting for the light to turn green. While reaching for the radio, you suddenly feel a grinding bang from the back bumper. You or the driver who rear-ended your vehicle carry ACCC insurance. Would you know what to do to get the best possible result?

Immediately after an Accident in Houston

Always take a moment to assess the situation after a car accident. Check on everyone involved in the collision, drivers and passengers, to ensure safety. If anyone is hurt or unresponsive, it’s imperative to call an ambulance. After checking the automobiles, it’s time to call the police.

Take the time to get everyone’s complete contact information and insurance provider and policy information. Be sure to record the state the driver files through, because this will become important later. When the authorities arrive, they will question everyone individually. The statements made in this report will be heavily referenced when the insurance claim is made and being settled.

Contact ACCC

Claims are filed through the ACCC website. Depending on which state the driver lives in, a different office will handle the claim by phone, if necessary. Insurance companies, especially when speaking to agents from another driver’s insurance, will be listening closely to the things you say for opportunities to hold you accountable. They want you to make a mistake and provide them with information that allows them to shortchange you.

Before speaking with an agent, it is in your best interest to seek legal counsel. Because ACCC is a smaller company with minimal staff, it can be challenging to get a claim filed with them. There are many online reviews that describe clients enduring long wait times. A lawyer can help put pressure on insurance companies to speed up the claims process.

Car Repairs and Injury Treatment in Texas

Texas is considered a fault state, which means liability and personal injury claims can be filed from one driver to the other. ACCC will review the police report and car information electronically for both parties. They will send checks directly to the claim owner if they find fault.

If a claim is lodged against you, find immediate legal representation to navigate the insurance system and better refute the other party’s argument.

During a rear-end accident or when one party is completely at fault, the claim process is fairly simple. However, even during a quick case, getting an insurance claim settled without legal help may mean getting only a fraction of what you deserve.

What You Need to Know

Insurance companies prepared to settle disputes quickly may offer a check. The company should also send an estimate. Make sure to get several additional quotes from local auto-shops. You may find the insurance company sent less money than the claim payout. If so, contact the insurance company armed with the new quotes. Sometimes they will meet your quotes, but it’s better to contact a car accident lawyer in Houston who knows how to deal with unmet claims.

Even small accidents should be approached very seriously. Understanding the process after an auto accident is key to staying in control when so many third parties will be instinctively clutching their wallets.

How Our Car Crash Lawyers in Houston Can Help

With years of service as a personal injury lawyer, Brian White knows the ins and outs of handling auto law, doctors, insurance companies, and other third parties. If you have been in an accident, contact Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers for help.

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