Houston Cargo Truck Accident Attorney

Houston Cargo Truck Accident Attorney

We rely on semi-trucks and other cargo trucks to distribute necessary goods throughout the country. Unfortunately, many trucks are involved in catastrophic accidents in the process. If you’re injured in a truck accident in Houston, TX, Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers is ready to help you fight for compensation for injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Our Houston cargo truck accident attorneys have more than four decades of experience in personal injury law, and we routinely win complex cases. We’ve recovered tens of millions of dollars in compensation for our clients over the years. We firmly believe that innocent victims should not have to suffer the financial consequences of an accident caused by someone’s negligence. For your free consultation, call our Houston, Texas law office at (713) 500-5000 today.

How Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Accident in Houston

How Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Accident in Houston

Regardless of the severity of your injuries, any auto accident can leave you shaken. You may be confused about the next steps and unsure how to handle communication from the insurance company. You do not need that stress. Let our experienced legal team ease your mind by taking charge of your case so you can get the much-needed rest you need to recover.

Our Houston truck accident attorneys will help by:

  • Fully investigating your accident by reviewing police reports and EMT records
  • Engaging experts who can analyze the accident scene and other evidence to determine all contributing causes
  • Determining all applicable deadlines and filing claims or lawsuits accordingly to preserve your rights
  • Keeping you informed every step of the way

Our founding attorney is Board Certified in civil trial law, consistently receives a 10.0 rating (the highest available) on Avvo, a nationwide trusted lawyer rating website, and is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. We are fierce advocates and compassionate advisors. Call today to let us start fighting for you. Initial consultations are always free and confidential.

How Common Are Cargo Truck Accidents in Houston?

Due to the wide variety of cargo trucks, it’s difficult to get a precise number of accidents for these types of trucks. But there were 5,743 truck accidents in Harris County in 2021. That’s more than 15 a day. And truck crashes in Harris County made up 15% of all commercial vehicle accidents in Texas in 2021.

Overview of Cargo Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks aren’t the only trucks causing significant damage in traffic accidents around Houston. Many other vehicles hauling cargo are involved in accidents, such as:

Any truck hauling cargo could be referred to as a cargo truck. Many state and federal regulations apply to commercial vehicles in Texas, and sometimes violations of those rules are the cause of crashes. Were you hurt in a crash and not sure who owns the truck involved? Let us help. Call today for a free consultation.

What Causes Cargo Truck Accidents?

Hauling cargo is a big responsibility. Truckers are often under a lot of pressure to make deliveries on time. That can lead to reckless or risky driving. 

Common causes of cargo truck accidents are:

We work diligently and consult reliable experts who will help us determine the precise cause. That lets us hold all responsible parties accountable, but it also lets us confidently fight back when the insurance companies try to place the blame on you.

Who’s Liable in a Cargo Truck Accident in Houston?

This can be complicated. Whoever contributed to the cause of your accident could be at fault, but you must correctly identify all parties in order to file a valid claim.

Many truck drivers are independent contractors, but they may be employees of a large company. And what about when your UPS driver rolls up in a U-Haul truck? It can be hard to sort out, and the details matter.

Examples of parties that could be held liable include:

The potential for multiple parties to be involved means dealing with multiple insurance companies. We have the resources and experience to handle complex cases with ease.

Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Houston Truck Accident Lawyers

If you were injured in a cargo truck accident in Houston, you could be entitled to compensation. We have decades of experience standing up to trucking companies, cargo owners, and cargo docking companies. Our settlements and verdicts total tens of millions of dollars, and we are adding to that every day. 

Call today for your free consultation with one of our Houston truck accident lawyers.

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