How Long Does It Take to Settle An 18-Wheeler Accident Case in Houston, TX?

How Long Does It Take to Settle An 18-Wheeler Accident Case

All car accidents have the potential to cause traumatic injuries and wrongful death. However, accidents involving 18-wheelers in Houston can be especially devastating for occupants of passenger vehicles. The injuries and damages caused by semi-truck accidents can have lifelong consequences. 

At Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers, we understand that you want to reach a settlement for your personal injury case as quickly as possible. The financial stress after a vehicle accident can be overwhelming. Our Houston truck accident lawyers can work diligently to get you money for your truck accident as quickly as possible without sacrificing your right to full compensation.

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How Our Houston 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You After an Accident

How Our Houston Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You After a Truck Accident

You have enough to deal with as you work through the challenges of recovering from accident injuries. You should not have to worry about dealing with aggressive insurance companies, claims adjusters, and accident investigators.

You should not have to worry about filling out paperwork, gathering evidence, and monitoring deadlines to file claims.

At Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers, our team of Houston truck injury attorneys has the resources, skills, and experience necessary to handle all issues related to a truck accident claim.

When you hire our legal team, you can expect us to:

  • Immediately take steps to preserve evidence that can be used to prove fault 
  • Work with experts to investigate the cause of the truck accident to identify all parties liable for your damages
  • Verify insurance coverage for each party involved in the accident
  • File all insurance claims and handle all communications with the insurance companies, trucking company, and defense attorneys
  • Work with your doctors and medical experts to document the extent of your injuries and damages
  • Calculate the maximum value for your current and future damages
  • Aggressively negotiate a fair amount to settle your injury claim 
  • Advocate for you in court, if necessary, to protect your best interests 

Truck accident cases are incredibly complex. They involve federal trucking regulations and state trucking rules, multiple parties, and damages that can far exceed a million dollars. You need experienced legal representation to help you with your claim.

Contact our office today to schedule a free case review with a Houston truck accident attorney. Get the experience of trained injury litigators on your side after your accident.

Timelines for Settling 18-Wheeler Accident Cases

Each accident case is unique. Therefore, we must analyze all factors that impact the value of your injury claim before estimating a timeframe for your settlement.

Your financial needs, insurance coverage, liability, and damages are just a few variables that can impact the timeline of your truck accident case.

Let’s look at the top three factors that could impact the time it takes to settle your truck accident case.

Truck Accident Investigation 

Truck accident investigations are more complex and lengthy than regular car accident investigations. It could take months for federal agencies and insurance companies to complete an accident investigation.

Our legal team also conducts an independent accident investigation. We gather facts and evidence to prove fault. The insurance company searches for any reason to avoid liability, including blaming you for contributing to the cause of the truck accident.

It is crucial that we complete a thorough truck accident investigation to identify liable parties in your case. Parties that we investigate include:

We increase the chance you receive full compensation for all damages by identifying each party that contributed to the cause of your accident.

Accident Injuries

The duration of your recovery is another significant factor in your settlement timeline. Settling your case before you complete medical treatment could result in losing millions of dollars in damages. 

Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries, such as:

Your injuries can lead to permanent impairments and disabilities. Unfortunately, we cannot know the extent of your damages until you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI).

Maximum medical improvement is the point in your recovery where no further treatments will improve your condition. A doctor describes your impairments and provides a disability rating. It may be necessary to see one or more medical specialists to fully understand how your injuries will impact your future.

This information is necessary to estimate the cost of future medical bills, personal care, and lost income. MMI allows us to better understand the extent of your pain and suffering.

Impairments and disabilities impact your quality of life. You may also experience increased physical pain, mental anguish, and emotional suffering. An increase in pain and suffering damages raises the value of your injury claim. 

Disputes Regarding Liability

If the at-fault parties accept liability for your claim, the issue becomes agreeing to a value for your damages. First, our Houston truck accident lawyers consult medical experts and financial experts to calculate the value of your damages. Then, we aggressively negotiate for the total value of your economic and non-economic damages.

A lawsuit might be necessary if the insurance company and other parties refuse to negotiate a fair settlement. Filing a personal injury lawsuit lengthens the time it takes to receive money for your claim. 

Our Houston truck accident attorneys do everything within our power to settle your claim as quickly as possible. However, we will not put a settlement over your best interest.

If going to trial is the best way to get you the money you deserve, we will give you our honest assessment and work with you to develop a plan that is best for your situation. 

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