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If you’ve recently been injured in an accident in Pasadena, Texas, call Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers. You may have the right to file a legal claim and demand compensation for your lost wages, suffering, and medical bills. Our experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyers can help you make the most of your fight for damages.

When you choose Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers, you benefit from the award-winning legal representation of a Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist and a team with 45+ years of experience.

We’ve helped clients win millions in personal injury cases involving car accidents, truck accidents, workplace accidents, medical malpractice, slips and falls, wrongful death, and other matters of negligence.

Don’t settle for less. Call our top-rated legal team serving Pasadena, TX at (713) 500-5000 to learn more about how we can help you after your accident. We provide a free case assessment, so contact us to get started now.

What Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Can Do To Help After an Accident in Pasadena, TX

What Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Can Do To Help After an Accident in Pasadena, TX

Someone else caused you to get hurt, and now they have to be held accountable for their actions. In most cases, at-fault parties will be represented by insurance companies or tough defense attorneys.

Don’t give them an advantage. Give yourself an edge by enlisting the help of our qualified Pasadena personal injury attorney.

Since 2007, our law firm has earned a reputation for going up against powerful insurance companies, corporations, hospitals, and defense attorneys and achieving top results for our clients.

We’ve also earned a reputation for our unparalleled customer service and commitment to going above and beyond to make sure our client’s rights are heard.

After your accident, call us for help and we’ll take the pressure and burden of your legal claim off of your hands.

You take the time to figure out how to move forward and recover from your injuries, and we’ll handle everything else:

  • Answering all of your questions about your personal injury case
  • Coordinating a thorough investigation of your Pasadena accident
  • Finding and interviewing witnesses and parties with essential information about your case
  • Gathering critical evidence that can help us establish and build a strong claim for damages
  • Consult experts and professionals with specialized knowledge about your accident and related circumstances
  • Anticipate efforts to blame you for your accident
  • Prepare and file appropriate claims and motions on your behalf
  • Handle settlement negotiations and work to secure a swift and meaningful payout
  • Represent you at trial in Harris County if do not receive a fair settlement offer

Hiring a personal injury attorney near you in Pasadena is one of the best things you can do after an unexpected accident. Your choice matters, so it’s important to hire a trustworthy and experienced attorney with a proven record of winning tough personal injury cases like yours.

Make Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers your first call for help. We’re here to answer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How Common Are Accidents in Pasadena, Texas?

Every year, thousands of people suffer needless injuries or experience the tragic deaths of loved ones because of avoidable accidents in Pasadena, Texas.

According to the Texas DOT, at least 3,549 car accidents were reported in Pasadena city limits in 2021. This marked a slight decline from 2019, when the city saw 3,675 collisions.

Still, on an average day in Pasadena, there are roughly 9 or 10 traffic accidents across the city.

In 2021, at least 14 people were killed in fatal Pasadena car accidents, while another 82 sustained catastrophic injuries. Hundreds more suffered a wide range of less severe trauma.

And, of course, car accidents aren’t the only way people get hurt in Pasadena, TX.

Our Pasadena Personal Injury Practice Areas

At Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers, we are exclusively committed to representing victims of negligent and intentionally harmful actions, as well as family members who have suffered the tragic loss of close loved ones.

We handle personal injury cases involving:

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss the specific details of your personal injury case. We’re here to listen to your story, assess your legal options, and provide some preliminary guidance as you figure out the best steps forward. If you decide to file a claim, our personal injury attorneys in Pasadena will stand beside you every step of the way.

How to Get to Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers From Pasadena, TX

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What’s My Pasadena Personal Injury Claim Worth?

Several factors will impact what your Pasadena personal injury case is worth:

  • What type of accident you were in and the types of insurance benefits that are available
  • What injuries you sustained in the accident
  • The steps you took to mitigate your injuries
  • Whether your own negligence was a contributing factor to your accident
  • How your life has changed since you got hurt

Valuation will also depend on your age and earning capacity, and other issues specific to your case.

What Types of Damages Are Available in Pasadena Personal Injury Cases?

In most personal injury lawsuits in Texas, plaintiffs can recover economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are intended to account for financial losses related to an accident, such as:

Non-economic damages are intended to compensate victims for trauma related to their accident, such as:

If you file a lawsuit and it goes to trial, a jury might also decide that punitive damages should be awarded, too. However, this is only the case when there is clear and convincing evidence of gross negligence or intentionally harmful conduct.

Our respected personal injury attorneys in Pasadena will aggressively pursue all damages available to you under Texas state law.

What’s Negligence and How Do I Prove It?

Negligence is the primary cause of action in most personal injury cases in Pasadena, Texas. It refers to situations when another person fails to act reasonably and causes you to get hurt.

When you file a negligence action after an accident in Pasadena, you will have the burden of proving the following elements:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care
  • The defendant breached the duty of care to you, either through their actions, inaction, or omission
  • The defendant’s conduct directly and proximately caused your injuries
  • You’ve suffered damages, such as a loss of income, serious physical injuries, or mental anguish

Our Pasadena personal injury lawyers have built thousands of successful negligence actions. We understand how to approach the unique circumstances of every case, build a strong argument, and prove liability so that our clients can get the compensation they deserve. Trust us to help you build a successful negligence action, too.

How Could Shared Fault Affect My Personal Injury Case in Pasadena, Texas?

Texas is one of several states to operate under a modified comparative negligence system. There is a strict 51% bar to recovery.

If you share more than half of the blame for your accident in Pasadena, Texas, you will not be able to recover compensation.

You can recover a fraction of your damages if you share less than 51% of the blame for your accident. Damages are reduced proportionately, which means that the more fault you share, the less money you’ll be able to get.

You need to be ready for the insurance company or at-fault party to try to point fingers and blame you for your accident in Pasadena. Shifting any amount of blame to you can help them limit how much money they have to pay for your injuries.

Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers will be ready to defend you against these tactics and work to put you in the best position to get the money you deserve.

What is the Statute of Limitations on Texas Personal Injury Lawsuits?

With a few limited exceptions, the statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits in Texas is two years.

This gives you two years from the date of an injury or wrongful death to formally seek damages from a responsible party.

You lose the opportunity to assert your rights once the statute of limitation expires. So, it is important to reach out to a top-rated personal injury attorney near you in Pasadena as soon as you can to ask for help.

What Does a Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

At Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers, we know that an accident can be incredibly expensive. Between medical bills and a sudden loss of income, it could be hard to make ends meet. The cost of hiring an attorney shouldn’t add to the financial stress you’re under. That’s why there is no out-of-pocket cost to hire our Pasadena personal injury attorneys.

We represent clients on a contingency fee basis. You only pay for our legal representation if we win your personal injury case.

If we don’t get a settlement or a verdict for you at trial, we don’t get paid.

When we win, our fee comes right out of your financial award. You can generally expect to pay between 33% and 40% of your financial recovery in attorneys fees.

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