Houston Debris Falling on Worksites Lawyer

Houston Debris Falling on Worksites Lawyer

Were you injured by debris falling on a job site in Houston, TX? If so, you are likely covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation policy. But the process is not always straightforward, and benefits are not always easy to get. And in some cases, you could be entitled to additional compensation through a third-party claim.

Having an experienced workers’ comp lawyer in Houston from Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers can make all the difference in your case. We have more than 45 years of experience helping victims injured in workplace accidents of all kinds. Attorney Brian White is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law, an elite distinction shared by only about 3% of Texas lawyers.

Our legal team has won millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for injured workers and their families over the years. Contact our Houston, Texas law office today for a free consultation at (713) 224-4878 to learn how we can help you, too.

How Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Can Help if You’re Hurt by Falling Debris

How Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Can Help if You’re Hurt by Falling Debris

If you are injured on the job, don’t assume that you can access your workers’ compensation benefits without hassle. It’s in your best interest to have a skilled attorney who can help you navigate the complex workers’ compensation process to ensure you get the money you’re entitled to.

When you hire our Houston workers’ compensation lawyers, you can count on us to:

  • Make sure your workers’ comp claim is filed on time and free of errors
  • Review your medical records and talk with your healthcare providers to make sure that workers’ comp is covering the medical treatment you need
  • Handle all communications with insurance companies
  • Conduct a complete independent investigation into your accident to see if a third party was responsible for your injuries
  • Represent you in workers’ comp hearings and appeals
  • File a third-party lawsuit if necessary so that you get all of the compensation you deserve

We’ve been handling tough cases for decades. Call today to get our award-winning legal team in your corner.

What Causes Injuries from Falling Debris on Worksites?

Construction workers are twice as likely to be injured in a “struck-by” accident than workers in any other industry. Being struck by an object is the second leading cause of construction deaths, second only to falls, slips, and trips.

Injuries can occur from falling debris from:

  • Lifting loads that are unbalanced or too heavy
  • Inadequate training
  • Negligent supervision
  • Failure to follow safety protocols
  • Failure to secure material
  • Mechanical failure of a machine lifting materials
  • Lack of safety railings or nets
  • Defective machinery
  • Insufficient signage on worksites warning of dangers
  • Failure to protect the area from pedestrian traffic

Workers can be injured or killed when equipment such as cranes drop debris, when materials fall from scaffolding or rooftops, or when tools or other items fall or are projected through the air.

What Injuries Are Caused by Falling Debris?

Common injuries caused by debris falling on job sites include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries, concussions, and other head injuries
  • Amputations
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Loss of vision
  • Internal injuries
  • Crushing injuries
  • Wrongful death

We often work with medical and economic experts when calculating your damages so that we can make sure your compensation offer is fair and comprehensive.

What Compensation Is Available if I’m Injured By Falling Debris at Work?

In most cases, you’ll be covered by workers’ compensation. That means, generally, you’ll be entitled to medical treatment and a portion of your lost wages. Other than a few exceptions, you’ll be able to receive these benefits even if you were at fault for the accident. 

If you qualify for workers’ comp benefits, you’ll usually be able to get:

  • Coverage for reasonable and necessary medical treatment
  • Income benefits to cover lost wages; the amount varies depending on the severity of your injuries and how your ability to work is affected
  • Burial and death benefits, if your loved one was fatally injured at work

The tradeoff, however, is that if you’re covered by workers’ compensation, you generally can’t sue your employer, even if they were negligent.

Keep in mind that your employer may have opted out of the workers’ compensation program in Texas. If that’s the case, or if a third party caused your accident, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

A personal injury lawsuit has more flexibility and can allow you to seek compensation for:

  • All medical expenses, including for all necessary ongoing or future medical needs
  • The full value of your past and future lost wages
  • Non-economic damages (pain and suffering)

It’s well worth your time to consult an experienced Houston workers’ compensation attorney if you’ve been injured on the job by falling debris. These cases are often extremely complex, and insurance companies will try to fight you every step of the way.

Get Help After an Injury Caused by Debris Falling on Worksites in Houston

If you were injured on the job by a falling object, you could be entitled to compensation either through workers’ compensation, a third-party personal injury lawsuit, or both. Recovering workers’ comp benefits can be an uphill battle. And if a negligent third party is involved, the case becomes even more complicated.

The Houston debris falling on worksites lawyers at Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers have the training, experience, and dedication to get started helping you today. Call now for a 100% free consultation.