Houston Motor Vehicle Defects Lawyer

Houston Motor Vehicle Defects Lawyer

Many factors contribute to the cause of car accidents in Houston, Texas. While most car crashes are caused by negligence and driver errors, motor vehicle defects contribute to the causes of some automobile accidents. 

Our product liability lawyers in Houston at Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers pursue claims related to wrongful death and injuries caused by defective automobiles. With more than 45 years of collective legal experience, we’re equipped to handle even the most complex defect cases.

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Our Houston Product Liability Lawyers Can Help After a Crash Caused by Motor Vehicle Defects

Our Houston Product Liability Lawyers Can Help After a Crash Caused by Motor Vehicle Defects

Product liability laws cover most defective items, including motor vehicle defects. Our Houston personal injury lawyers at Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers understand these laws and how they apply to car accident claims. We use our decades of experience, resources, and skills to hold manufacturers and other parties liable for their negligence. 

When you hire our legal team, you can expect us to:

  • Investigate your car accident to determine the cause of the crash
  • Identify the parties liable for your damages
  • File insurance claims and negotiate settlements 
  • Work with accident reconstructionists, engineers, designers, and other expert witnesses, as necessary
  • Assist you in documenting your injuries and damages
  • Monitor the statute of limitations for filing product liability lawsuits

If the insurance company or the vehicle manufacturer refuses to agree to a fair settlement amount, our Houston product liability lawyers pursue your case in court. Our goal is to get you the highest amount available for your injury claim.

Contact our law office to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our defects lawyers in Houston, Texas. 

How Do Motor Vehicle Defects Cause Car Accidents?

Design, manufacturing, and other defects can lead to catastrophic car crashes. Automobile parts and systems that malfunction or fail to operate because of a defect can cause a collision. 

Examples of motor vehicle defects that could cause a traffic accident include:

Defective Tires

Vehicle tires provide traction with the road and allow the driver to control the vehicle. However, defective tires can lead to blowouts, which can cause rollover accidents, head-on collisions, and other types of collisions. 

Defective Brakes

Drivers rely on their brakes to stop the vehicle before colliding with another vehicle or object. A defective brake system or part can cause a rear-end crash because the driver cannot slow or stop the car before slamming into another vehicle. Defective brakes can cause multi-vehicle crashes and single vehicle accidents

Defective Seat Belts 

Seat belts save thousands of lives each year. However, if a seat belt malfunctions, a driver or passenger could be ejected from the vehicle. In addition, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and other injuries may be caused by defective seat belts. 

Defective Airbags

Airbags work with seat belts to protect a vehicle’s occupants from injuries during a collision. However, defective airbags cause deaths, severe disfigurements, and injuries. Airbags may deploy incorrectly or fail to deploy. Takata airbags issued massive recalls after the airbags caused injuries. 

Other Motor Defects

Any part or system on an automobile could be defective. The defect may contribute to the cause of the accident, or it could increase the severity of the person’s injuries. In either case, the victim could be entitled to substantial damages if a defective car part caused their injuries. 

Damages Available for Claims Involving a Motor Vehicle Defect

The types of damages you could receive for a defective product claim depend on the circumstances and facts of your case.

However, most injured victims can receive compensation for their:

  • Medical bills and expenses
  • Out-of-pocket costs
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Reductions in future earnings 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life and reduced quality of life
  • Pain and suffering caused by physical injuries
  • Disabilities and impairments 
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress

The severity of your injuries and other factors determine how much your injury case is worth. Our legal team works to maximize the factors that increase the value of your injury claim while minimizing factors that could hurt your claim. 

For example, we might work with medical experts to document the extent of your injuries. We might also work with accident reconstructionists to fight allegations of comparative negligence that could reduce the value of your claim. 

Who is Liable for Damages Caused by Motor Vehicle Defects?

In most cases, the designer or manufacturer of the defective part is strictly liable for damages. However, the automobile manufacturer could also be liable if the defect was caused by negligence or errors during the manufacturing process. Also, a repair shop could share liability for a claim if it knowingly used fake or defective parts to make repairs. 

Motor vehicle accident claims involving defective products are complicated personal injury cases. Therefore, you want an experienced Houston product liability attorney to handle your case. 

The vehicle manufacturer and insurance providers have teams of legal professionals fighting your claim. You deserve to have a legal team fighting back to protect your best interests. 

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If you were injured due to a defective motor vehicle, call us to discuss your case. There could be several parties liable for your damages. Defective product cases apply to cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles. 

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