Houston Allergan Breast Implant Recall Lawyer

Houston Allergan Breast Implant Recall Lawyer

Individuals in Houston, Texas, affected by the Allergan breast implant recall may have a strong case for significant compensation.

At Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers, we’re experienced in navigating the complexities of such cases. Our Houston personal injury attorneys are well-equipped to help you secure justice for the hardships you’ve endured due to the recall, with 45 years of combined experience and tens of millions collected for our clients.

Allergan breast implants, categorized as medical devices, fall under less stringent regulations compared to other medical products. This has led to loopholes in the FDA’s clearance and approval processes, which some breast implant companies, including Allergan, have exploited. Contact our Houston, Texas law firm online or by telephone at (713) 500-5000 to schedule a free consultation.

To understand your legal rights and options, reach out to our award-winning legal team. We provide a free initial consultation and operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you owe us nothing unless we win damages for your case.

How Can Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Help With My Allergan Breast Impact Recall Case in Houston?

How Can Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Help With My Allergan Breast Impact Recall Case in Houston?

Dealing with injuries from a medical device can be overwhelming. Our personal injury law firm in Houston, TX, is committed to supporting patients who have suffered due to preventable errors in medical treatments. Trusting in the safety and efficacy of medical products such as breast implants is a patient’s right. When this trust is breached, the consequences can be dire, ranging from severe health issues to wrongful death.

Our team has a long history of representing clients in similar predicaments. We aim to secure positive resolutions in these complex cases. Our approach includes:

  • Conducting in-depth investigations and reviewing all pertinent evidence
  • Collaborating with medical professionals and healthcare staff involved in your case
  • Consulting with experts in breast implant design and manufacturing
  • Managing all communications with Allergan and insurance firms
  • Aggressively representing your interests in court if settlement negotiations fail

Our Houston product liability lawyers bring decades of expertise in personal injury and medical product liability law. You can rely on our experience and skill in advocating for your rights and pursuing deserved benefits.

Why Are Allergan Breast Implants Being Recalled?

The link between Allergan textured breast implants and breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), a rare type of cancer, is what triggered the recall. This cancer risk is uniquely associated with textured implants, where the implant’s design can lead to fluid buildup and tumor development.

The FDA identified a high prevalence of BIA-ALCL cases related to Allergan implants. Further investigations indicated that these implants posed a significantly higher cancer risk compared to others.

The July 2019 FDA recall targeted several Allergan products:

  • Allergan Natrelle Saline-Filled Textured Breast Implants
  • Allergan Natrelle Silicone-Filled Textured Breast Implants
  • Allergan Natrelle 133 Plus Tissue Expander
  • Various Allergan BIOCELL implants, including specific tissue expanders and anatomically shaped implants

Despite the recall, many women had already received these implants, unknowingly exposing themselves to the risk of developing BIA-ALCL. With symptoms that can take years to manifest, many are only now discovering the risk or have already been diagnosed with cancer.

Victims are seeking justice against Allergan, alleging the implants were inherently defective. Companies like Allergan are responsible for ensuring the safety of their medical devices. This responsibility includes safe design, proper manufacturing, and clear communication regarding any risks or dangers associated with their products. Failure in these areas can lead to the company being held liable for any resulting harm.

How Long Do I Have To File an Allergan Natrelle Textured Breast Implant Lawsuit in Texas?

In Texas, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is typically two years from the injury’s discovery. However, there are exceptions for some cases – the time limit for your case might be different.

Don’t risk missing this deadline, as you could lose your right to pursue compensation if your lawsuit is filed too late. Trust our product liability attorneys to stay on top of critical dates, ensuring timely filing of all paperwork.

Schedule a Consultation With a Houston Product Liability Attorney

If you or someone close to you has suffered from cancer following the use of an Allergan Natrelle or BIOCELL breast implant, legal recourse may be available. An experienced product liability attorney in Houston can assist you in navigating your claim, increasing your chances of significant financial recovery.

At Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers, we understand the emotional, physical, and financial toll of such experiences. We are committed to supporting our clients every step of the way, ensuring they receive the compensation and justice they deserve.

Contact us today for a free consultation and take the first step in your journey toward recovery. With our contingency fee structure, there are no fees unless we secure compensation for your case. Don’t hesitate to reach out and begin the process of reclaiming your life.