Houston Child Product Recalls Lawyer

Houston Child Product Recalls Lawyer

Product manufacturers can be held liable for producing, marketing, and selling defective products. It is scary to think that a product you purchase could harm you. It is terrifying to realize that a child’s product could be defective and cause harm.

Our Houston child product recalls lawyers of Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers work with clients to get the money they deserve when a defective product causes injuries. Our lawyers have over 45 years of experience representing personal injury clients. We have recovered millions of dollars in jury verdicts and settlements for our clients. 

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How Our Houston Product Liability Lawyers Help Children Hurt by Defective and Recalled Products 

How Our Houston Product Liability Lawyers Help Children Hurt by Defective and Recalled Products

Children’s products do not need to be the subject of a recall to be dangerous and cause harm. A product could be inherently dangerous because of a design defect. It could have a manufacturing defect that makes the children’s product dangerous, even though the product as originally designed was safe.

Determining what caused the product defect is the first step in identifying who is responsible for your child’s injuries in a product liability case. Our Houston personal injury lawyers at Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers are dedicated advocates for injured victims, including children. We will take all steps necessary to protect your child’s legal rights and best interests. 

When you hire our legal team, you can expect us to:

  • Address your concerns and answer your questions about injury claims for children
  • Investigate your claim to determine how your child was injured and who is responsible
  • Handle all aspects of your case from beginning to end, including filing insurance claims, monitoring deadlines for filing lawsuits, and negotiating settlements 
  • Keep you updated about the progress of your case and all settlement offers received from the insurance company or product manufacturer
  • Take the case to court if the other side refuses to negotiate a reasonable settlement for your child’s claim 

A defective children’s product can cause a great deal of harm. Unfortunately, money will not undo the pain and suffering your child experienced. However, it can reimburse you for out-of-pocket expenses. It can also pay for ongoing treatment for your child’s injuries and medical condition.

Call our Houston, TX law office to learn more and to get a free case evaluation. 

Checking to See If Your Child’s Product Was Recalled

If you registered the child’s product with the seller or manufacturer, you might receive notice of a recall. For example, you might receive a notice of a recalled car seat that could malfunction in a car accident. 

You might hear about a recall of a child’s product posing a choking hazard on the news. You may also read about a recalled baby product that caused injuries when the baby was asleep online. 

However, the best way to check if your child’s product was recalled is through the Food and Drug Administration or the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Why Do Manufacturers Recall Children’s Products?

Recalls of products are made for numerous reasons. For example, a child’s product might be recalled because a design defect caused the product to create an electric shock that could injure the child. 

A manufacturing defect could make a toy dangerous to use because it has sharp edges that can cause lacerations. In some cases, baby food or toddler’s food may be contaminated or contain foreign objects, resulting in a recall.

Recalls of children’s products might include, but are not limited to:

  • Toys
  • Baby food and formula 
  • Cribs
  • Car seats and booster seats
  • Children’s furniture
  • Electronics
  • Children’s medications, vitamins, toothpaste, etc.
  • Medical devices
  • Children’s clothing 

Any product has the potential for being defective. Therefore, you should never assume that a child’s product will always be safe to use just because it has not been recalled.

Common Injuries Caused by Defective Children’s Products

When a child’s product is defective, it can cause severe injuries, permanent disabilities, and death. Parents may take every precaution they can imagine to protect their child, but they may not be aware of a defective product in their home.

Defective and recalled products could cause injuries including:

A child injured by a recalled product could face a lifetime of challenges. Injuries may result in developmental delays, cognitive impairments, and physical disabilities. A child may require ongoing personal care and medical care. 

What Damages Could a Child Receive for Injuries Caused by a Defective Product?

A child is entitled to compensation for non-economic and economic damages.

Damages that a child could receive include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses 
  • Costs of therapy
  • Permanent impairments and disfigurement
  • Future medical expenses and personal care
  • Decreased quality of life and loss of future opportunities 

 Special rules apply when a minor is awarded compensation. Parents may also recover compensation or damages, such as the lost earnings they incur because they cannot work and care for a child with special needs. Talk to our Houston personal injury lawyer about what damages you and your child could recover for a defective product injury.

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