Houston H-E-B Slip and Fall Accidents Lawyer

Houston H-E-B Slip and Fall Accidents Lawyer

Did you suffer a slip and fall accident at an H-E-B grocery store in Houston, TX? You may be entitled to compensation from the company to cover the costs of your injury, including the emotional impact it has had on you.

The Houston H-E-B slip and fall accidents lawyers at Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers know the physical pain and embarrassment you may be feeling, and we will work to get you the compensation you deserve so you do not have to suffer. Contact our Houston, TX, law office to discuss your case, give us a call at (713) 500-5000 and speak with a Houston slip and fall attorney today.

How Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an H-E-B Slip and Fall Accident in Houston, TX

How Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an H-E-B Slip and Fall Accident in Houston, TX

If you were in a slip and fall accident at a Houston H-E-B while in the store or anywhere on its property, do not delay in calling our Houston personal injury lawyers. We can help. Slip and fall cases, as with all personal injury cases, can be nuanced and complex. 

Demonstrating that the store was negligent and breached its duty to keep the premises safe requires a strong understanding of the law, as well as the skill and know-how of handling personal injury cases. At Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers we have extensive experience in personal injury matters.

The sooner our legal team is involved, the more likely we will be able to get started doing what needs to be done to build your case. This includes:

  • Moving quickly to secure any video or camera footage of the accident
  • Examining the scene for possible causes of your accident
  • Identifying and speak to all who were at the scene and who may have witnessed your accident
  • Pulling together medical files regarding your injury, as well as any documentation regarding store policies and procedures, employee duties, condition of the floor inside the store, and any other evidence that could bolster your case.
  • Handling all negotiations and questioning of opposing counsel, expert witnesses, and insurance companies

When you work with the slip and fall injury attorneys at our Texas firm, you are not just getting an accomplished and adept legal team with a proven track record, you are also getting peace of mind. Trust us to take care of your case and get you maximum compensation. You do not have to deal with this on your own.

Slip and Fall Accidents 

Slip and fall accidents account for over one million emergency room visits each year. In grocery stores, these falls are often the result of negligence. Typical causes of slips and falls in stores include:

  • Freshly wet floors in aisles due to cleaning, product spills, or ceiling leaks
  • Slippery areas at exits and entryways where customers track in rain or snow
  • Spilled food in aisles
  • Stocking pallets, ladders, or boxes blocking customer pathways
  • Heavy products falling from shelves
  • Failure to post signs warning of hazardous areas or wet floors
  • Insufficient lighting in the area of the accident
  • Dirty restrooms
  • Mats not adhered to the floor properly
  • Faulty shopping carts
  • Pot holes or cracks in parking lots
  • Shopping carts in parking lots
  • Other dangerous conditions

As with all stores, H-E-B has a duty to keep its premises safe for customers. If they are derelict in that duty and it resulted in your slip and fall accident, they should be held liable. Contact us today so we can ensure they pay for the negligence that caused your injury.

Most slip and fall accidents often result in injuries such as the following:

  • Injury to arms or wrists in an attempt to break a fall
  • Broken legs or hips, especially in older customers
  • Hits to the head, including brain injury and concussions
  • Sore muscles and bruising
  • Spinal injuries or broken backs

These injuries can significantly impact your quality of life, and you should not have to bear that burden without benefit of both financial and emotional justice. H-E-B had a duty to protect you from an accident like this, but they did not. H-E-B is therefore the one who should be paying. Our Houston premises liability lawyers can help you make that happen.

H-E-B Grocery

H-E-B Grocery Company, LP, got its start in 1905. It was named for Howard Edward Butt whose mother was the founder of the company. With more than 300 stores across the state of Texas, H-E-B is the largest privately held company and largest private employer in the state.

In 2004, the company decided to expand beyond groceries and begin offering more general merchandise. This offshoot was named H-E-B Plus! and initially started out in three locations. Since then, it has also expanded, sprouting up across Texas.

The company also added Joe V’s Smart Shop and Mi Tienda to their portfolio of companies.

H-E-B is no stranger to litigation. It was sued for unfair pricing and settled for millions. The company also settled a whistleblower lawsuit for $12 million.

A large successful company with resources to settle such large lawsuits should absolutely have to pay up for any negligence that hurts the customers they invite to shop in their stores.. 

What Compensation Can I Expect After an H-E-B Slip and Fall Accident in Houston, TX?

Depending on the extent of your injury, the costs of treatment and recovery from a slip and fall accident can be enormous. Our goal is always to get you as much compensation as possible for your suffering. We overlook nothing in our efforts to ensure you get justice and have the financial resources you need to move forward.

There are two categories of damages to which you may be entitled: special damages and general damages. Special damages help you deal with financial needs related to the slip and fall accident. These could include:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Household services
  • Lost wages
  • Disability therapy and equipment
  • Vocational rehab

General damages help you cover needs that are for injuries considered more intimate and difficult to monetize. For example:

  • Embarrassment
  • Loss of reputation
  • Diminished mental capacity
  • Emotional anguish
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Scarring

At Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers our clients are like family. We provide you with excellent client care and treat you as one of us. We genuinely care, and our compassionate legal team genuinely cares about the outcome of your case just as much as you do. Contact one of the best Houston slip and fall lawyers today for a free consultation. You do not pay until we win for you. 

Possible Bars to Recovering Compensation

There are certain situations that can keep you from recovering a financial award for your injury. These laws are important to keep in mind as you decide a course of action.

Comparative Negligence

If you were responsible for the majority of the blame (more than 50%), then you cannot be compensated. This is in compliance with the modified comparative negligence statute that Texas has adopted for cases involving negligence. 

Statute of Limitations for Slip and Fall Accidents

Texas law requires that you bring a lawsuit for a slip and fall injury within two years of the accident. Failure to meet that time window means you will be barred from holding the negligent parties accountable. This is called the statute of limitations. The law exists so that evidence is still available and has not been lost or preserved improperly. 

This is another reason it is so important that you contact our Houston personal injury lawyers immediately following a slip and fall accident. We can advise you on the next steps you should take right away while we get the ball rolling on your case. Call us today at the Houston, TX, law firm of Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers.

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