Houston Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

Houston Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

Do you have reason to believe that a loved one may currently be experiencing nursing home neglect in Houston, TX? If so, those responsible should have to pay. There’s no excuse for treating the most vulnerable among us this way. Our elderly deserve respect.

Our Houston nursing home neglect lawyers at Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers won’t let the negligent parties get away with hurting your loved one.

Give our Houston, Texas law offices a call at (713) 500-5000 to discuss your case. We’ll review the facts and explain the laws surrounding nursing home neglect. Contact us, your first consultation is free, and you pay nothing unless we win. 

How Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help Victims of Nursing Home Neglect in Houston

How Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help Victims of Nursing Home Neglect in Houston

Nursing home neglect is especially devastating because we’re entrusting our loved ones to the care of nursing home staff. When nursing homes abuse that trust and neglect their vulnerable patients, it’s horrifying for families to hear what their loved ones have suffered. 

With decades of experience fighting for those who have been injured, the lawyers at Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers have the knowledge and skill to represent victims of nursing home neglect and ensure they get a chance to fight back against the negligent parties who breached their legal duty of care.

When you hire our Houston nursing home neglect attorneys, you can expect us to:

  • Investigate to find out exactly what happened to the victim while in the facility’s care.
  • Identify the type of neglect that took place. 
  • Gather evidence to prove that the facility breached its duty to the patient.           
  • Identify the negligent parties.
  • File claims with insurance companies and nursing home operators and owners.

Our attorneys will also obtain all medical records and any evidence showing a pattern of neglectful behavior on the part of the nursing home.

Our experienced Houston nursing abuse lawyers will take your case to court if a settlement isn’t possible.

What Are the Responsibilities of Nursing Home Staff?

Nursing home staff are responsible for ensuring the overall well-being of residents. This includes managing several areas of resident life that are important for their health and safety. 

Medication Management

Residents rely on staff members to ensure that they take their medications. The staff is responsible for ensuring that all residents receive the correct medications in the right dosage at the right time. Failure to provide residents with their needed medications is a preventable mistake that could have fatal consequences.

Medical Needs

Nursing home staff are expected to report any illnesses, infections, or injuries as soon as they become apparent. Failure to report even a minor infection could result in extensive medical procedures and surgeries that are difficult for the elderly to tolerate.            

Hydration and Nutrition 

Residents rely on staff to ensure that they remain well-hydrated and fed. Allowing patients to become dehydrated or malnourished is a common form of nursing home neglect.

Personal Hygiene

Nursing home staff are responsible for ensuring that residents receive help with their personal hygiene. This includes helping them bathe, changing their bed linens regularly, and ensuring that their clothing gets changed.

Other Duties 

Staff members are also responsible for preventing general accidents and injuries whenever possible. This includes a responsibility to stop residents from self-harm and intervene in cases of self-neglect.

What Are Some Examples of Nursing Home Neglect?

Nursing home residents have a right to be treated with dignity and respect. Elder abuse rates, including neglect, are disturbingly high in long-term care facilities. In fact, 2 out of 3 staff members admit to committing nursing home abuse in the past year.

Examples of nursing home neglect could include:

  • Physical abuse
  • Not providing residents with adequate hydration and/or nutrition
  • Humiliating patients and treating them poorly
  • Neglecting to bathe residents or change clothes and/or bed linens regularly
  • Not answering resident calls and ignoring complaints
  • Ignoring or carelessly administering resident medical needs

There’s no excuse for failure to comply with residents’ reasonable requests. Staff must ensure that residents are given the care and items they need. Nursing home neglect is morally and ethically wrong and a violation of your loved one’s basic human rights.

What Are the Consequences of Nursing Home Neglect?

Neglect of the elderly can lead to potentially life-threatening nursing home injuries, including:

Victims of nursing home neglect also struggle with long-term psychological damages, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and other mental health issues. 

What Are the Signs of Nursing Home Neglect?

There are a number of signs that you should watch for if you suspect that nursing home staff may be neglecting a loved one, including:

  • Severe weight loss
  • Repeat illnesses
  • Bruises
  • Bedsores
  • Depression
  • Fearful/anxious behavior

Don’t hesitate to take action immediately if you have any reason to suspect neglect. 

Who Is Responsible for Nursing Home Neglect in Houston?

There are several parties who may be liable in cases of nursing home neglect. 

These parties may include:

  • Medical professionals
  • Nursing home staff
  • Facility administration
  • Facility owners
  • Visitors
  • Other residents

There’s nothing worse than knowing that a loved one is being abused. Our Houston personal injury attorneys understand the pain you’re feeling on behalf of your loved one. We share in that pain and will fight to make the responsible parties pay.

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