Houston Children's Daycare Injury Attorney

We entrust our children each day to near-strangers at daycare centers who assure us that they will keep our children safe. Many of us depend on the availability of daycares so we can go to work and ensure our children are properly cared for. 

However, children’s daycare injuries have become more prevalent than you would think, and it is frightening to find out your child was abused or neglected while not in your care. 

If your child has experienced injuries while at daycare, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Houston injury attorney to ensure that the daycare is not allowed to continue to treat children in this manner and to receive the compensation you and your child deserve.

Why Do I Need a Daycare Abuse Attorney

Daycare facilities must be licensed by the state in order to operate according to a high standard of regulations. Employees who work at daycare centers must be thoroughly screened and pass a stringent background check. However, sometimes some employees slip through these regulations and wind up working at your neighborhood daycare center.

It is already nerve-racking to leave your child in someone else’s care, but even more so to think you are leaving them in the care of a person who either does not know how to handle multiple children or a person who has ulterior motives in working at a daycare center. Either scenario is a nightmare situation for any parent, and we do not want people of this caliber working at daycare centers. 

Therefore, it is important to pursue legal claims against any daycare center where your child has been injured to not only receive compensation for injuries, but also to warn other parents of the dangers of the center.

Children’s Daycare Injuries

Little kid with broken hand and cast

Depending on the situation, children’s daycare injuries can include bruises, broken bones, cuts, or even sexual abuse. Daycare neglect and abuse are often interchangeable, as children often severely injure themselves when they are neglected for extended periods of time. Children additionally do not have the ability to protect themselves from abuse and they may experience continued abuse before you become aware of it.

Brian White | Houston Daycare Injury Attorney

If your child has been a victim of daycare injuries, contact Attorney Brian White & Associates, PC for an initial consultation to begin the process of receiving compensation for your child’s injuries and medical expenses. Time spent at daycare is some of the most important years in a child’s life while both their minds and bodies are rapidly growing.  Any physical or mental injury can severely impact the rest of their lives.  

Attorney Brian White has years of experience dealing with daycare injuries and he knows how important our children are to us.  He will take an invested stand for your child in any daycare injury case and ensure you receive the compensation your child deserves.

Call our offices today to set up a free initial consultation to determine your rights and any compensation you may receive as a result of your child’s injuries.