When you come to us, we will treat you like family. Our number one priority is to fight for every penny that each of our clients is entitled to.

My wife and I lost both of our cars in the Houston floods of May 2014. The cars were total losses. Weeks passed and our insurance company GEICO had not paid our claim. After days of follow up calls and hours on hold with GEICO produced no forward motion, we decided to try a different approach. We contacted Brian White to see if he could help. In less than 10 days GEICO paid off on of the vehicles. GEICO was more stubborn about the second car, but they paid that off as well within a month. Now we have new cars (and a new insurance company)... but we're keeping our attorney. Once we hired Brian, the hours we were spending on the phone went away and we could get back to running our business. Brian's associate Kimberly kept us up to date constantly on their progress. It is a comforting feeling knowing that you have someone on your side that genuinely gives a damn about you and your problems with your insurance company. Sound advice, courteous service, real results fast. I will recommend Brian White to anyone that will listen. Thank you Brian!


I've just had a case settled with Brian White for a significant sum within one month of walking into his office. What I liked most about him was how easy he was to get ahold of. I've had a bad experience with an attorney before who never returned my calls but this was not the case at all with Brian. Almost every time I called he was in office and accepted my phone call. If he was in court that day, all I had to do was send him an email and I always received a quick response. He kept me informed, he was honest, and got me more than I expected... What more can I say? I highly recommend him!


"I've just had a case settled with Brian White for a significant sum within one month of walking into his office."


"Brian took accurate measures to insure our case would hold strong, and it most certainly did. I was very satisfied with the restitution he was able to win for my wife and I."


"Brian and his staff are outstanding in every way. What I thought could be a loss, Brian turned into a victory and fought for my rights and won."