Houston Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

Houston Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is something no one wants to hear. However, the earlier cancer is diagnosed, the better chance a person has of beating it. Therefore, a cancer misdiagnosis can be devastating.

The Houston cancer misdiagnosis lawyers of Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers work with clients to hold doctors and medical professionals liable for misdiagnosing their cancer. Our personal injury attorneys have over 45 years of combined experience in personal injury and medical malpractice.

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How Our Houston Medical Malpractice Lawyers Can Help You With Your Claim 

How Our Houston Medical Malpractice Lawyers Can Help You With Your Claim 

Medical malpractice cases, including a failure to diagnose cases, involve complicated legal concepts. You have the burden of proving your doctor committed malpractice. The insurance company representing the doctor and other parties will aggressively fight your claim to avoid liability. 

Our Houston misdiagnosis attorneys at Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers have extensive experience handling medical malpractice cases. In addition, our law firm has the resources necessary to pursue these complex legal cases. 

When you hire our legal team, you can expect us to:

  • Thoroughly investigate the circumstances that led to your cancer misdiagnosis 
  • Work with medical experts to gather evidence of malpractice
  • Document the extent of your injuries and damages
  • File insurance claims and lawsuits 
  • Aggressively negotiate for full compensation of all damages

Our Houston personal injury lawyers are here to help you seek justice. If you or your loved one suffered because of medical negligence, call our law office to schedule a free consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys in Houston, Texas. 

How Often Do Doctors Misdiagnose Cancer?

Misdiagnosing health conditions is one of the most Houston Medication Errors Lawyer common medical errors committed by health care professionals. It is estimated that more than 12 million cases of misdiagnosis occur each year in the United States. 

A study suggests that cancer is one of the top three diagnostic errors that cause serious harm to patients. Over one-third of the diagnostic errors that led to death, disability, or severe injury were cancer cases in this study. 

Breast cancer and lung cancer are commonly misdiagnosed. However, doctors misdiagnose all types of cancer. 

Common Causes of Cancer Misdiagnosis in Houston 

Doctors make errors and mistakes for many reasons, but many of the errors made by doctors are avoidable. 

Common factors that contribute to misdiagnosing cancer include:

  • Failing to refer a patient to a specialist 
  • Failure to order diagnostic tests or the correct diagnostic test
  • Incorrectly interpreting the results of a diagnostic test or lab work
  • Failing to follow up on the results of a test
  • Miscommunication between health care professionals
  • Contamination of lab samples
  • Incorrectly performing diagnostic tests
  • Failure to review a patient’s medical history and risk factors for cancer
  • Rushing through medical appointments 
  • Practicing medicine under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Proving medical malpractice for a cancer misdiagnosis involves carefully analyzing your medical records and identifying breaches in the standard of care. Medical experts assist with this step. 

Proving that your doctor committed malpractice requires that you have evidence to prove each of the following legal elements of medical malpractice:

  • A patient-doctor relationship existed between you and the medical provider
  • The standard of care that should have been used in your case
  • How the doctor breached the duty of care by failing to meet the accepted standard of care
  • The breach of duty was the proximate and direct cause of your injury 
  • You suffered damages because of the breach of duty

The standard of care varies by case. Medical experts analyze your case to determine what a medical provider should have done given similar circumstances. The medical experts also explain how your doctor’s conduct fell below the standard of care required for your case.

Damages You Could Receive for a Cancer Misdiagnosis Claim

Damages You Could Receive for a Cancer Misdiagnosis Claim

The consequences of misdiagnosing cancer can be devastating for the patient and the patient’s family. Cancer that goes undiagnosed could reach stages that result in drastic medical measures, such as amputations or loss of internal organs. In addition, a patient may undergo much more invasive and aggressive cancer treatments. 

Misdiagnosing cancer could result in unnecessary medical treatments. It may also limit the options a patient has for treatments.

Patients may seek compensation for damages including:

  • The cost of medical care and treatment
  • The cost of nursing and personal care
  • Physical, emotional, and mental pain and suffering
  • Loss of income and benefits, including reductions in future earning potential
  • Permanent impairments, disability, and disfigurement 
  • Reduced quality of life and loss of enjoyment of life

Our legal team carefully documents your damages to support a demand for maximum compensation for damages. Money does not undo the harm a doctor caused, but it can provide for continuing care, reimburse you for financial losses, and provide some measure of justice for the pain you experienced. 

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