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Houston Wage and Hour Law Cases

Federal law mandates that employers must treat their employees with respect, which requires a set form of payment and compensation for their working hours, additional payment for overtime hours, and specified lunch breaks.  Federal and state law both have specific regulations to protect workers from unfair wage practices, and any violation of these regulations can result in legal actions brought in either state or federal court.  It is easy to determine when an employer steps over the line in these cases, since they typically occur when an employer forces an employee to work longer hours for no pay or drastically reduced pay. If you think you have been unfairly treated in the workplace, you need to contact an attorney to determine your legal rights and remedies.

Wage and Hour Violations in Texas

Wage and hour violations in Texas encompass a wide array of charges, including:

  • Failure to pay for overtime work;
  • Failure to pay wages;
  • Failure to pay minimum wage;
  • Failure to allow breaks throughout the work day; or
  • Any other unfair workplace conditions.

Wage and hour violations often have vast repercussions on the victim’s life and livelihood since your paycheck is what you depend on to pay for all of life’s necessities.  Wage violations can result in missed bills, evictions, and fewer provisions for your family.   These violations typically occur when employers feel they can take advantage of their employees without any legal repercussions.  It is therefore important to pursue a claim immediately to ensure these employers understand that they cannot continue this form of abuse.

Compensation for Wage and Hour Violations

If you have been the victim of wage and hour discrimination, you are entitled not only to your missed or diminished paychecks but also to any additional hardships you have faced as a result of this mistreatment.  You deserve justice for any illegal business practices that have resulted in wage and hour violations, and it is important to pursue legal remedies to receive your compensation for these cases.

Brian White | Houston Wage & Hour Attorney

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