How to Handle a Car Accident Claim with Allstate

As one of the most “respected names” in car insurance, Allstate is proud to insure millions of vehicles on the road today. With multiple forms of coverage, flexible pricing, and convenient locations, drivers throughout Texas rely on Allstate. However, the perception that “you’re in good hands” with any insurance company can be misleading. Those truly in good hands are the company’s shareholders – which means you, the customer, aren’t always treated fairly.

Dealing with Car Accidents

While many auto collisions can be avoided by being aware and driving defensively, accidents do happen. Whether it’s a minor fender bender or major collision, it’s important to understand how to proceed. Do you know how to file a claim with Allstate?

First Things First

Immediately after an accident, it’s normal to feel shocked and surprised. However, it’s important to act quickly. Make sure everyone involved is okay and not seriously hurt. If anyone needs immediate medical attention, call 911. Exchange personal information with each person involved and call the police to investigate the accident once you’re sure everyone is okay. If there are any witnesses, it is advisable to record their names and phone numbers as well.

When the police arrive, they will speak with all drivers and witnesses to gather as much information as possible. Then, they will file an official accident report – which will play an important role in the claims process.

At the scene of the accident, the officers are the only people you should speak with in detail. When dealing with other drivers, avoid admitting fault, apologizing, or sharing situational details (other than insurance information, policy numbers, and contact numbers).

Contact the Allstate Claims Department After an Accident

After leaving the scene of the accident, you are required to contact the Allstate claims department to notify them of your involvement in a car crash. This can be done over the phone, online, or in person. You can reach the customer service center by calling 1-800-ALLSTATE.

You will be connected with an agent and asked questions regarding the accident.
If you’ve been hurt or injured, it may be in your best interest to be selective with the information you provide. Insurance companies like Allstate will be looking for you to say certain things can will lower the value of your claim. It will benefit you to contact a Houston personal injury lawyer who can advise on how to proceed with Allstate. Your attorney can make sure you are justly compensated for damages, injuries, and hardships.

The Repairs Process

After filing your claim, an Allstate adjustor will be assigned to your case. They will review all pertinent details regarding damage to your car, medical treatment, and fault. Because Texas is a “fault” state, it’s important for the insurance companies involved to determine which party – or parties – are at fault.

While insurance companies will be required to reimburse you to some degree, they have been known to hold tight to their wallet. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, they may attempt to minimize your settlement claim. Again, this is where an experienced personal injury lawyer can help.

What You Need to Know

Car accidents can be scary and dangerous situations. While you shouldn’t drive with fear, you should understand how to deal with an accident in the unfortunate chance you are involved in one. By understanding how the Allstate claims process works and the value of contacting an experienced attorney, you can approach the situation in a way that will protect your interests.

Attorney Brian White

Accident Attorney Brian White

For help and guidance after a car accident in Houston or surrounding areas, contact attorney Brian White. As an experienced Houston car accident lawyer, Mr. White understands how to deal with the aftermath of auto accidents. He has extensive experience working with insurance providers, healthcare facilities, doctors, and the judicial system and can put his knowledge to work for you.