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Concentra Occupational Health Inc. is a national healthcare company with more than 300 urgent care centers across 36 states. The company helps employers provide healthcare solutions to employees, with 154 employer onsite medical facilities available.

Concentra markets itself directly to employers and is often the first medical provider for workers injured on the job. Concentra evaluates and treats thousands of injured workers across America every year.

If Concentra withheld medical treatment, incorrectly evaluated your injuries, priced your services unfairly, or otherwise engaged in improper or illegal activities when treating you after a work accident, contact Houston Concentra attorney Brian White.

We can help you go up against this major healthcare company in pursuit of maximum compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial losses. We are aggressive, relentless, and experienced. Our Concentra attorneys are fully prepared to go to trial on your behalf.

Class Action Lawsuits Against Concentra

Concentra started in 1979 in Amarillo, Texas. In 2005, the company faced its first class action lawsuit. The prosecution alleged that Concentra was guilty of silent preferred provider organization (PPO) activities, including providing insufficient notice of PPO discounts. Concentra lost the lawsuit and had to pay out a $12 million settlement to the claimant. Since 2005, dozens of other parties have brought claims and class actions against Concentra for similar bad faith insurance practices.

Concentra has not been the picture of a responsible company since the first lawsuit in 2005. The company has been at the center of dozens of lawsuits since. Plaintiffs have filed civil and tort claims against the company for a range of reasons, including unfair pricing schemes and medical malpractice.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) went up against Concentra in the past for allegedly retaliating against an employee who reported sexual relations between a supervisor and an employee.

In 2009, one employee filed a class action lawsuit against Concentra (along with Wal-Mart) on behalf of 13,521 store employees who had received treatment from Concentra for work-related injuries. The lawsuit alleged that Concentra and Wal-Mart interfered with the judgment of medical providers during injured worker medical care. The class action stated that Concentra conspired with Wal-Mart to deny workers benefits and even withhold medical treatment.

The defendants lost the lawsuit, and Concentra had to pay $4 million in damages. Part of the settlement agreement also stated that Concentra must train its marketing and sales staff about the illegal practice of letting insurance companies and employers advise physicians on worker medical treatment. The implication of this ruling is that Concentra caused subpar and potentially dangerous medical treatment to injured workers by controlling the way company physicians diagnose and treat patients.

Today, Concentra still faces several class actions from injured employees for insurance bad faith, denying workers’ compensation claims, providing low standards of medical care to injured workers, and more. If you or a loved one pursued a workers’ compensation claim through Concentra or received medical care from one of its clinics, you might have the ability to join or start a class action against the company. You may be eligible for compensation. Contact a Houston Concentra lawyer to learn more.

How Does Concentra Deny Benefits?

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Concentra is unique in that it is an insurance company and the owner of urgent care centers. It can, therefore, take care of a workers’ compensation claim without involving any third parties. While it is legal for an insurance company to own medical clinics, it is easy to see how this setup can create a conflict of interests and unsavory business practices, such as those dozens of plaintiffs have alleged against Concentra.

In essence, Concentra has the power to accept employer’s workers’ compensation claims, evaluate the injured worker using biased practices, have company-trained physicians administer poor medical care, and then bill itself as the insurance provider. Concentra has never admitted to any wrongdoing, but the courts have ordered the company to pay several major settlements to claimants over the years for malpractice and misconduct.

Concentra may deny workers’ compensation benefits by interfering with how its physicians diagnose and treat patients. It may conspire to motivate its physicians to reach a diagnosis that does not align with injuries and illnesses listed as covered under workers’ compensation in Texas. Concentra can also deny benefits from an insurer’s standpoint. As a workers’ compensation insurance company, Concentra has the power to deny claims for virtually any reason it wants. It is up to injured workers to recognize when the company is infringing on their rights.

Be suspicious of any bad experience you have during a workers’ compensation claim in Houston that involves Concentra, either as your employer’s insurance company or your emergency care provider. Concentra has a long history of malpractice and insurance bad faith, with several ongoing lawsuits against it on behalf of injured workers. It is worthwhile to ask our Houston Concentra attorneys if you have grounds to join a class action. If so, you could receive financial compensation for your related losses.

Do You Have Grounds for a Claim Against Concentra?

Workers’ compensation claims in Houston are already complex and difficult enough without a bad faith health care services company like Concentra making it harder for injured workers. If you suffered an on-the-job injury such as a slip and fall, scaffold accident, accidental poisoning, chemical spill, repetitive motion injury, head or brain injury, broken bones, spinal cord injury, or burn, you deserve fair and honest workers’ compensation dealings.

You might not have received that from Concentra. If you suffered any of the following harms because of Concentra, you may be eligible for recovery:

  • Subpar medical treatment and care
  • Questionable treatment from a Concentra physician
  • Negligent care in a Concentra urgent care center
  • Unreasonably delayed workers’ compensation claim
  • Denied workers’ compensation claim
  • Denied or minimized workers’ compensation benefits
  • Drawn-out workers’ compensation claim that wore you down
  • Long-term wage loss from a lengthy workers’ compensation process

Concentra has been involved in complaints involving alleged racketeering, interfering with patient medical care, and having poor standards of ethics. Any red flag while pursuing a claim through Concentra is reason enough to contact an attorney. For example, if you receive medical directions that seem biased, such as directions to only get your medications from a certain pharmacy, contact us. You could be the victim of insurance bad faith.

How a Lawyer Can Help You If Concentra Has Been Negligent During Your Workers’ Comp Case

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A lawyer from the offices of Attorney Brian White can help with every aspect of your claim against Concentra. We can give you all the information we have compiled about this company and its record of negligence, malpractice, and patient mistreatment.

We will evaluate your case for free and let you know if we believe you have the right to join an ongoing class action against Concentra or to file your own individual claim against the company for harming you in some way. Our firm is proud to provide the following services to clients in Houston:

  1. Free, no-obligation consultation with a lead attorney from our firm. Speak to one of our lawyers over the phone or at our Houston, Texas law office. We’ll go to you if you can’t come to us. Give us a few details about your situation via our online contact portal and a lawyer will call you as soon as possible about your Concentra case.
  2. Straightforward and honest legal advice. Our Houston personal injury attorneys believe in keeping the client fully in the know. We’ll never leave you out of the loop. You’ll have direct access to your personal attorney, and frequent updates about the status of your case. We’ll be honest about what we recommend and how much we think your claim is worth.
  3. Case investigation. Our firm has a network of professionals, subject-matter experts, and investigators available to look into your case. We can analyze the details, collect any available evidence, gather documentation, and put together a strong case against Concentra and/or other defendants on your behalf.
  4. Claims filing. Filing a claim or joining a class action against Concentra in Houston means adhering to certain rules and requirements. Our lawyers can handle the paperwork, documents, and red tape relating to your case so you don’t have to. We can file your case before Texas’s statute of limitations and do what we can to help the case move along quickly.
  5. Settlement negotiation. We aren’t afraid to go up against major corporations and insurance companies like Concentra in pursuit of maximum compensation. Our skilled negotiators will aggressively fight for the best possible settlement agreement. If that doesn’t work, we’ll take your case to trial.

Attorney Brian White has the skill, knowledge, and resources to give you a strong case against Concentra. We represent clients in Houston and throughout Texas who believe Concentra has caused harm through any form of negligence or misconduct. As soon as you suspect you have a case against Concentra, call (713) 224-4878 to reach our local lawyers. We can maximize your odds of a fast, efficient, and successful claim.

Contact Attorney Brian White & Associates, P.C., for Help With Your Concentra Lawsuit

A successful Concentra lawsuit could result in financial compensation for your work-injury-related medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and more. The skill of your Houston Concentra attorney can affect how much you receive for your damages. Attorney Brian White and his associates get top results by relentlessly standing up for our clients’ best interests. Clients trust us regularly with high-profile personal injury and insurance bad faith claims because of our exceptional record of accomplishment.

We don’t believe Concentra should get away with shortchanging injured workers or offering subpar medical care. We want to help any injured employees in Houston recover their financial losses through outstanding legal representation. Trust us with your case and experience the Brian White difference. We are proud to be a top personal injury law firm in Texas. Learn more about your Concentra claim when you request a free consultation. Contact us today.