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Eagle Ford Shale Truck Accidents

The Eagle Ford Shale is an area extending throughout a large region of South Texas.  Eagle Ford, Texas is the heart of the region where the shale reaches the surface in clay form.  Over 250 oil rigs operate on the whole of the Eagle Ford Shale, which has increased the number of trucks going to and from the sites.  This increase in oil and gas activity has also led to increased accidents due to the number of 18-wheelers which must transport pipelines and natural resources to these sites. 

If you have been injured in an accident as a result of an 18-wheeler doing work on the Eagle Ford Shale, contact an experienced Houston truck accident attorney to determine your rights and ensure more people are not injured in similar accidents.

Eagle Ford Shale Truck Accidents

Truck accidents happen on a near-daily basis throughout Texas, and the state continues to have the highest number of dangerous car accidents throughout the nation.  The numbers seem to directly correlate with the number of cars on the road in each state, and it is not surprising that such a large oil and gas region has led to a heightened number of truck accidents.  Eagle Ford Shale truck accidents have the propensity to be life-threatening and cause far more damage that average truck accidents.

Companies in the Eagle Ford Shale region continue to hire more and more truck drivers to work for the shale, meaning many more hundreds of 18-wheelers on the roads in south Texas.  This growth has resulted in heightened accidents and work injuries.  Courts in Texas have noted the considerable increase in traffic due to 18-wheelers servicing the Eagle Ford Shale.  However, this amount of traffic does not seem set to decrease anytime soon since oil companies survive off profits, which are only secured by

Truck drivers hired as a result of the Eagle Ford Shale have begun to congest the roadways between Laredo, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Houston.  This high amount of traffic has led to catastrophic car accidents involving 18-wheelers and smaller passenger cars.

Victims of Eagle Ford Shale Truck Accidents

If you have been involved in an accident involving a truck working in the Eagle Ford Shale, you have rights and are entitled to compensation for your injuries.  The oil companies hiring these truck drivers are concerned solely with their revenues and profits, not with the safety of nearby motorists who share the roadways with their truck drivers.  Therefore, they should be held accountable for not only providing the danger on the roadways but encouraging it with more and more natural resource production.

Brian White | Houston Trucking Accident Attorney

Contact Brian White if you have been injured in an accident resulting from the Eagle Ford Shale.  Brian White has years of experience handling personal injury cases and understands the frustration you have in dealing with large corporations who are responsible for your injuries.

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