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Houston Railroad Accident Lawyer

Despite the fact that train accidents and derailments have decreased steadily year by year, still every 120 minutes, a vehicle or a person in America is hit and killed by a train accident according to the Texas Department of Transportation. The Houston railroad crash attorneys at Brian White & Associates provide determined and aggressive representation to Texas clients hurt in train wrecks of any kind, including:

  • Head-on train collisions
  • Derailment accidents and hazardous material spills
  • Defective signal devices and dangerous train crossings
  • Pedestrians struck by trains

Passenger train injuries due to collisions can result in the death of passengers, vehicle drivers or pedestrians. But they also could result in injuries such as broken teeth, broken bones or debilitating pain that requires regular medication to control. These injuries can be disfiguring and require extensive medical attention. If you’ve been injured as the result of a collision, it’s important for your health to seek immediate medical attention. In order to protect your right to recover damages, the earlier you seek medical attention and call an experienced Houston railroad wreck attorney, the better chance you have of recovering full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Toxic Spills

Freight trains criss-cross South Texas every day carrying a wide array of toxic and hazardous chemicals. Train wrecks can result in spillage of deadly toxins, both solid and gas. Approximately every 14 days there is a toxic spill that requires the forced evacuation of entire neighborhoods and the general public in the immediate area. Citizens living in the area of exposure have been known to have a higher incidence of birth defects and other childhood diseases. If you’ve been exposed to toxic chemicals or hazardous materials of any kind as the result of a derailment or crash, call Attorney Brian White & Associates to discuss your options.

Know Your Rights and Options

After a serious injury your life changes forever. We understand you now have financial and medical concerns that can be overwhelming. This is the critical time to know all of your rights to the best medical care and to recover financial damages under the law. In order to protect your rights to the quality medical care you need for a full recovery and to fair and just compensation it’s important to have a full investigation of your crash by a competent train wreck attorney.

The railroad insurance company adjustor will not look out for your interests. Their investigators will be looking for ways to absolve them from liability. Their interests always come first. Brian White is an award-winning personal injury attorney in Houston who specializes in taking aggressive and decisive action to establish liability for your injury and to fight for the full compensation you deserve. Under Texas State law you could be able to collect compensation for treatment of your injury, lost wages, future lost wages, pain and suffering, inconvenience, mental aguish, disability,  and more.

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