Houston Anesthesia Error Lawyer

Houston Anesthesia Error Lawyer 

Since the discovery of nitrous oxide, anesthesia has become an integral part of medical care. The purpose of anesthesia is to provide patients with pain relief and sedation so they can safely undergo a surgical or other procedure. Unfortunately, things can go wrong, and errors are sometimes made during the process. 

If you’ve experienced an anesthesia error in Houston area hospitals, medical clinics, outpatient centers, or even dentist offices, our Houston anesthesia error lawyers at Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers have the experience to help you hold the negligent parties accountable.

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How Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After Houston Anesthesia Errors

How Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After Houston Anesthesia Errors

If you or a loved one have been harmed due to an anesthesia error, Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers stands ready to help with top-notch representation. We’ve successfully advocated for injured clients in anesthesia error cases, and we’ll do the same for you.

Even if your surgery was planned, you’ll need time to recuperate. If the initial surgery for a medical condition or injury leads to another injury from anesthesia errors, you may be out of work longer than you planned—or even permanently. Concerns over your financial situation can delay or even stall recovery. That’s where our personal injury lawyers can help by working to recover compensation so that you can focus on resting and healing. 

When you hire our Houston medical malpractice attorneys for your anesthesia error claim, we will take care of the details, including: 

  • Conducting a full investigation of your medical procedure and claim 
  • Constructing an appropriate legal strategy
  • Handling all negotiations with the various parties involved, including doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies
  • Offering you regular updates on your case to keep you informed
  • Handling your legal representation in the event of a trial

Hospitals and other medical facilities work hard to explain away your injuries, and insurance companies will do everything they can to deny your claim and get out of paying. Our experienced medical malpractice lawyers have dealt with Houston anesthesia errors and know how insurance companies can manipulate the situation to their advantage. We won’t let them do that to you.

Contact our law offices to schedule your consultation with our Houston anesthesia error attorneys. Keep in mind that your first consultation is free, and there’s no obligation. 

What Causes Anesthesia Errors? 

Because modern anesthesia technology is a refined and specialized part of surgical procedures, it’s generally considered safe for most people. However, there are occasions when anesthesia goes wrong, resulting in serious injury and even death.

Because anesthesia is now considered safe, most injuries are caused by human error, such as: 

  • Neglecting to conduct a complete preoperative evaluation to identify a patient’s risk for anesthesia complications
  • Failing to monitor blood pressure and oxygen 
  • Using anesthesia in an office or outpatient setting without a properly trained resuscitation team
  • Administering too little anesthesia, resulting in a patient waking up during the procedure
  • Administering too much anesthesia or administering it too quickly
  • Administering general anesthesia to a high-risk patient in an outpatient setting or without proper monitoring equipment
  • Improper post-op monitoring and failing to act in the event that the patient is over-sedated
  • Using general anesthesia when safer anesthesia is available

An anesthesiologist must react quickly and immediately to prevent a tragedy when an error occurs. Severe injuries from anesthesia errors happen when the anesthesiologist does not react in time or simply isn’t paying enough attention.

What Injuries Can Result From Anesthesia Errors? 

Anesthesia errors can cause serious injuries with potentially lifelong consequences, including:

  • Stroke
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Respiratory arrest 
  • Seizures
  • Paralysis
  • Airway obstructions
  • Damage to the brain and other organs
  • Nerve damage
  • Damage to teeth
  • Medication errors: allergies and other negative reactions to anesthesia drugs
  • Permanent vegetative state 

If you’ve been injured by an anesthesia error, you may be able to collect economic and non-economic damages such as:

Because anesthesiologists are generally self-employed and work under contract for hospitals, they often carry their own malpractice insurance. A claim is typically filed against the anesthesiologist and includes the hospital and surgical staff. Other claims could be filed against additional parties such as drug and equipment manufacturers.

If you’ve lost a loved one due to an anesthesia error, our Houston medical malpractice lawyers can file a wrongful death claim to recover damages.

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