Handling a Nationwide Car Accident Claim

Two Angry Motorists Arguing Over Responsibility For Head on collision Accident

Nationwide insurance is a Columbus, Ohio, based insurance company. They are a platinum corporate partner to the HRC, receiving a 100% for corporate equality every year since 2004.
Nationwide presents a people-first attitude, with their well-known slogan “Nationwide is on your side,” a fine statement in theory but not always in practice. Filing a claim with any insurance company can be difficult, and even well-branded companies like Nationwide have their pitfalls. Insurance companies strategically approach claims with the goal of protecting profits, not cutting checks.

 Dealing with Car Accidents

The stress of damaging a possession as valuable as your vehicle can be overwhelming when added to the pressures of your job and family. Stress is often compounded if the accident necessitates medical treatment or involves a disgruntled driver refusing to admit fault. On the morning of a major meeting or a deadline to catch a business flight would you be able to keep a level head and approach a Nationwide claim rationally?

 Immediately After an Accident

After an auto accident, take a moment to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Check any passengers in your vehicle then approach the other car. Make sure the other driver and passengers don’t require any medical attention. Assess damages to the car and call the police. Take the time to block off traffic with any available equipment, like flares.

Waiting for the police to arrive is a good time to collect information. License plate numbers, email addresses, and insurance provider details are all important. When the police arrive, give a detailed description of the accident from your perspective. Insurance companies rely on the police to make claims and look to these reports for the truth. However, they also scan them for details that will allow them to lower payout, so don’t volunteer any extraneous details.

Contact the Nationwide Claims Department

Nationwide expects to be contacted immediately following an accident. Their claims service department is open 24/7, and their website has a printable form to help collect relevant information from those involved in an auto accident. There are multiple methods of contacting the company.

  • Call the Claims Service Department: (800) 421 3535
  • Report the claim online
  • Contact the driver’s agent
  • Use the Nationwide mobile app (available for Android and Apple products)

Speaking directly with a client’s agent will often make the process quicker and easier. Remember, though, that the agent represents his company, and is not necessarily working in the client’s interest.

What You Need to Know

car crash accident on the road

Small accidents can be handled by the claims department. For any accident involving a dispute with another driver or serious medical injury, it’s highly recommended that you seek legal help. Even a seemingly small dispute can escalate quickly. Always check with a lawyer before speaking with opposing legal counsel or handling medical claims.

Be prepared! Before speaking to a claims agent or your lawyer, it helps to write down the facts. What were you doing before the collision? What were the weather and road conditions like? How heavy was the traffic? Answers to these questions set the scene and the details can be taken as evidence. Make sure the information you deliver is factual, and never guess from memory.

Attorney Brian White

Attorney Brian White

Whether you’ve just left the emergency room, you think you are getting unfairly treated by Nationwide, or you simply have questions, contact Brian White. He has helped resolve hundreds of legal auto disputes and has been a practicing personal injury lawyer for years. With his high level of expertise and honest professionalism, navigating an auto claim with Nationwide will seem easy!