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What to Do After a Limo Accident

The recent limousine accident in Amsterdam, NY that claimed 20 lives was the deadliest transportation accident in the United States since 2009, and the event has many people wondering who is to blame. The accident killed the driver, 17 passengers, and two bystanders, leaving no one alive to recount how the accident happened. According to… read more

What Can I Do If A Driver’s Insurance Company Refuses to Accept Liability for the Crash?

In states that follow fault-based systems for handling car accident insurance claims, an at-fault driver’s insurance policy will generally cover the damages from an accident up to the limits of the policy. The claimant must prove the at-fault driver’s liability for the accident and then send a demand letter to the insurance carrier requesting a… read more

Is the Future of Trucking Self-Driving Cars?

Recently, the Department of Transportation announced that the department would update the existing policy for self-driving vehicles to expand the definition of “driver” beyond solely human beings. In the future, “driver” may also define an autonomous system, and some experts predict that autonomous vehicles could become a major part of the trucking industry in the… read more

What to Do After a Rear-End Motorcycle Accident

Rear-end collisions are some of the most common types of traffic accidents seen in America, and rear-end crashes involving motorcycles tend to result in severe injuries and extensive damages. All Houston motorcyclists should know what to do after sustaining injuries in a rear-end collision while on a bike. A “rear-end collision” is a straightforward term… read more

What to Do After A Houston Lane Splitting Accident

Many motorcycle owners throughout the country use a technique called “lane splitting” to navigate slower-moving traffic and avoid collisions. Texas does not have any official laws that clearly state whether lane splitting is illegal, but it isn’t explicitly legal, either. All motorcyclists should know the risks of lane splitting in Texas and what to do… read more

Texting and Driving Laws in Houston

As of September 1, 2017, texting behind the wheel is illegal in Texas. Specifically, the law states that drivers may not read, write, or send electronic messages while driving. This new law comes on the heels of a staggering number of distracted driving-related accidents in Texas during the previous year. In 2016, there were 109,658… read more

Why Drivers Need to Be More Alert During the Holidays

The holiday season is approaching quickly, and it’s crucial for all drivers to know the inherent risks of holiday travel. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate a sharp spike in the number of crashes, injuries, and fatalities during the holiday months. The… read more

What to Do After a Squeeze or Wide Turn Truck Accident

Truck drivers who manage large tractor-trailers need to constantly keep the size of these vehicles in mind when executing turns. Any driver who has driven behind a tractor-trailer has probably noticed signs warning of “wide right turns.” Large trucks need to make room to allow their trailers to complete turns without striking guardrails, street signs,… read more

How to Determine Fault After a Truck Accident

In 2016, the number of crashes involving large trucks increased to 475,000 according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Victims of these accidents have a right to compensation, but they must first prove that the fault for the incident falls on the truck driver or another party. However, because of the complex matters involved… read more

Hit by a Drunk Truck Driver in Houston? Here’s What to You Need to Know

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 29 people died every day in the U.S. from alcohol-related vehicle crashes in 2016, meaning one fatality almost every 50 minutes. Drunk driving accidents can result in unfortunate injuries, no matter who is part of the accident. When the impaired driver is behind the wheel of a… read more