In Texas, a workers’ compensation “non-subscriber” is a company that has opted out of the statewide workers’ compensation program. Instead, the company has decided to cover its employees using a customized insurance plan, where it has the power to make most of the rules.

Texas is the only state in America that offers a non-subscriber option for employers. Walmart, like many major retailers in Texas, made the choice to become a non-subscriber. Find out what this could mean for your Walmart workers’ compensation claim in Houston.

Were you recently injured on the job at Walmart? If so, reach out to a Houston workers compensation lawyer that is experienced in non-subscriber laws for help.

About Walmart

With 11,718 stores, Walmart is the largest retailer in the world. In 2017, Walmart earned $500.3 billion in total revenue. Walmart employs a whopping 2.3 million associates at its chain of discount department stores, grocery stores, and hypermarkets. Jobs at Walmart include hourly associates, store and department managers, stockers, backroom and warehouse workers, and merchandisers.

A position at Walmart could expose workers to many common types of accidents and injuries. Each year, injured employees file workers’ compensation claims after slip-and-falls, struck-by objects, lifting injuries, acts of violence, parking lot accidents, and more. Workers’ comp benefits can cover injury-related medical expenses, partial lost wages, death benefits, and more if the incident occurred during job hours.

Unfortunately, Walmart employees based in Texas do not have the same rights or options as company employees in every other state. As a workers’ comp non-subscriber, Walmart can create most of its own rules when it comes to issuing workers’ comp benefits. This means injured workers need to take extra care in sticking to the company’s guidelines for how to file a claim.

Tips for Filing a Walmart Non-Subscriber Claim

First, know that just because Walmart is a non-subscriber does not mean you have no protection after a work-related injury. The state still makes workers’ compensation mandatory. It is simply up to the policyholder to decide types and amounts of coverage available to injured workers. It is up to you to follow all the rules of the policy to qualify for benefits. Use the following tips and facts to help with this process:

  • Report your accident to a supervisor immediately. You often have as many as 30 days after your accident to report your injuries to a supervisor under non-subscriber plans, but don’t wait. Talk to a supervisor as soon as possible for the strongest case.
  • Follow the instructions. Your supervisor should give you more information about how to file your claim with Walmart’s insurance company. You may need to see a specific doctor and file your claim within a time frame – often 14 days. Follow all the rules, steps, and instructions when filing your claim.
  • Talk to a lawyer. You still have the right to pursue additional compensation from Walmart and/or other defendants through a personal injury claim in Texas. A personal injury attorney can help you bring your accident claim.

It’s always wise to navigate your Walmart workers’ compensation claim with help from an attorney. Non-subscriber claims can be especially difficult for injured workers to submit, resulting in common mistakes and issues such as delayed benefits.

An employment lawyer can walk you through all the steps of your case, from seeing a trustworthy doctor to negotiating a better settlement amount with Walmart’s insurer. Hiring a lawyer could be in your best interests after a Walmart accident.

Types of Compensation You Might Expect

A Walmart workers’ comp claim can result in payment for all your accident-related medical expenses. You can also receive benefits to cover lost wages while you’re temporarily or permanently out of work. You’ll get these benefits every few weeks for as long as the policy permits.

Non-subscriber policies often do not offer permanent disability or death benefits to injured workers. However, you might be eligible for these benefits through a personal injury claim.

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