Workers Comp

Can I Sue My Employer If I Signed an Arbitration Agreement in Texas?

Arbitration clauses are a common part of employment agreements in Texas. If you signed paperwork when you took a new job, there is a chance you unknowingly accepted an arbitration agreement. You might have given up your right to take your employer to court for issues such as discrimination, wage disputes, and wrongful termination. This… read more

When to File a Workers Non-Subscriber Lawsuit in Texas

If you recently suffered a work-related injury, you may be able to file a claim that will compensate you for your medical bills, pay for your lost wages, and address other costs of your rehabilitation and recovery. However, your avenue for recourse will depend on whether your employer carries workers’ compensation coverage. The Workers’ Compensation… read more

America’s Most Dangerous Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, a unit of the U.S. Department of Labor came out with its latest report on fatal occupational injuries in December 2016. The report outlined the national census of injuries for the year 2015 (the most recent year data is available). The report showed shocking statistics for fatal on-the-job injuries, an… read more

Am I Liable if a Contractor Is Injured in My House?

If you are undertaking a homebuilding project, you may have a significant learning curve in terms of hiring contractors. Contractors come with their own rules, insurance policies, and other considerations when they perform work on a private property. As the homeowner, you have specific legal duties toward your contractors and subcontractors. If a contractor sustains… read more